Well after Our Amasssing Ladies Retreat just over a week ago, where a beautiful group of women got to grow and raise their vibration of energy as well as their level of Confidence and Self-Worth, we talked a lot about the power of the mind and how we perceive things to be…

Interestingly enough this morning I came across this great article from the beautiful Amanda Gore…

If you say so! What you say to yourself about stress, believe about stress – and even worse, say out of your mouth – can have a dramatic effect on your health, relationships & longevity.

Sadly, the vast majority of things that ‘stress’ us are non physical – they are related to how we view things; what we tell ourselves about situations or events. But those thoughts and what we say have a profound physiological impact.

Our thoughts change our physiology – so becoming aware of them and controlling them is very important for us to live a long, healthy life.

Our ‘stress mindset’ – what we believe (the story we tell ourselves) about stress is critical.

Did you know that ‘believing stress is bad for you’ it is the 15th largest killer of people today?

And that if you believe most people can be trusted, you will live longer?

And that having a positive view of ageing adds almost 8 years to your life? And that the people with the most positive view of ageing had an 80% lower risk of heart attack?

Beliefs become self fulfilling prophecies. And you get what you expect!

Bruce Lipton highlighted the importance of beliefs on every aspect of our lives several years ago (The Biology of Belief) and a new book authored by Kelly McGonigal called ‘The Upside of Stress’ gives us many great studies that prove stress can be good for you. And that how you think and perceive things had direct physiological impact on your longevity!

For years I have been teaching that what we tell ourselves about an event determines how we react – or respond! And now we have all the proof in one place – Thanks Kelly!

Those who believe stress is enhancing are less depressed, more satisfied, have more energy and fewer health problems! They are happier and more productive at work and they are more likely to view stress as a challenge and rise to it!

Just today, I had the fortune to hear a famous Australian Olympic athlete. Alisa Camplin was the first Aussie female to win a gold medal in the freestyle jump at the Seoul winter Olympics. She is an astonishing young woman. She described what it was like to be standing at the top of that HUGE, steep slope that propels them into the air. I would have called it terrifying. She said that she could feel her heart pumping and called it exhilarating because she knew her body was preparing her!

She has a 43% less chance of dying than I do according to the research! Just because she believes stress can be good for you.

Guess what? If you change the way you view stress; if you tell yourself a different story about the experience or event that is happening; if you are aware of what you are saying to yourself, if you truly believe there have been times in your life when your body’s reaction to stress has been of value to you, then you can live longer, score better grades and be happier!

Most medical or scientific research until quite recently has been done on men and rats! True! Women are not rats! Some years ago now, a group of scientists realised that women respond very differently to ‘stress’ than men! We tend and befriend rather than fight or flight – although we do that as well! But when we feel stressed, we really just want to talk to our girlfriends and have our feelings validated! Doesn’t matter if anything changes – just feeling heard and validated makes us feel better.

There is a third category apparently of reactions to ‘stress’. Excite and delight is the catchy phrase coined. It means we are on heightened alert and excited about what is going to happen! Think Alisa at the top of the run!

So to live longer,
1. Believe that stress CAN be good for you and be optimistic… see it as an exciting challenge!!

2. Be present in your situation and be mindful of what is going on inside your head! Although the situation you are in may be challenging, if you consciously choose to see some upside to it – everything changes!

3. If you understand why you feel so strongly and remember your values it helps you reframe the ‘stressful’ event

4. Become better at tolerating uncertainly – life is uncertain. The only thing you can control is YOU! And how you are thinking and therefore feeling

5. Change your mindset about stress: choose to think that any stressful situation you are in is building your resilience and resources to deal with stress; it is helping you develop relationships, enhance your ability to focus and strengthen your personal values. Who knew (LOL)!!

Kelly tells us about 2 x 30 minutes activities done in colleges that transformed people’s lives – just by changing their mindset about stress.

All of which comes back to reinforce that what you think is critical. And becoming aware of what you think so you then have a choice to change it may be the most powerful tool you have in your life.

Alisa also talked a lot about discipline and she has it in spades as well as determination to succeed! The mental training she did in preparation for success embodies all that is outlined in Kelly’s book. Consider this newsletter the beginning of your mental training – designed to change your current stress mindset – unless of course you love what happens to your body when you are challenged in any way!

Here is your challenge: ‘listen’ to what you say to yourself every time you feel ‘stressed’ or say ‘I am so stressed’ or ‘overwhelmed’.
What is really going on?
What are you caring about?
Can you reframe what is going on and find a way to thank your body for preparing you for action?
If you can and you discipline yourself to practice this – you will notice huge changes in your life!