Trisha Argentina

TrisTrisha Argentina

Legal Social Worker, Womens Advocate and Lawyer in the Making!

Trisha lives her passion for women’s rights and health every day.  Her mission is to empower women byadvocating for them and linking them up to powerful support networks so they can be successful in life.

A voice for the ‘voice-less’ and women who need advice in a highly confidential manner.  Herwork involves creating groups to help women overcome obstacles as big as depression and abusive relationships to career, parenting and management skills.  Her individual clients come to her for a holistic approach delivered with ahigh degree of trust, confidentialityand personal safety.

Her wide work networks encompass social, spiritual, physical and family support.

Author of “Seriously Independent… and Happy” a book about women overcoming life obstacles and challenges by building their own businesses allowing them to become strong and independent.Trisha is leading the way by recording the voices of successful women to demonstrate to others that anything is possible.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Law, Trisha has a vision to help women who experience legal issues and have chosen to go through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.   Her interests are advocacy and negotiationto help women reach a high level of independence by representing them in the legal arena.

A powerhouse who never stops Trisha is also a business owner and clinic manager for her husband’s chiropractic practice.  Her passion for health and women’s advocacy dovetails seamlessly with her partnership with NuSkin.

NuSkin has an exclusiveageLOCTM science which is an anti-aging formula that helps unlock individual’s youthful potential both internally and externally.

“Never have I seen a business that can generate freedom for women as quickly as this” says Trisha“It provides strong networks of support and community.  The women become more independent, learn new skills and become healthier.  I have seen women who would normally be stuck in the same place for the rest of their lives become very prosperous”

Trisha travels the world regularly sharing a message of health, beauty and financial independence through her NuSkin business.

Why I Am a Part of AmaSSSing

Trish enjoys all that Amasssing has to offer but especially likes the way it pushes her out of her comfort zone, allows her to be herself and strengthens her own voice.  She loves the increased confidence, energy and stronger self-belief she has gained which strengthens her ability to show up in the world as a business owner and great entrepreneur that she is.

My Ideal Client

Trisha can provide help for women requiring advocacy through her Social work, or Women who want to regain their health while providing financial freedom for themselves and their families.  She is truly a holistic practitioner providing assistance to help you become authentically you through the good and the challenging times.

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