Where are the Women Speakers


Do you have a message burning inside you that you want to take to the world? 

Are You tired of being chained to your computer and ready to step out, speak out and share your story?

If you are even considering making speaking/stages a part of your business, you need to be at the Women Speakers Workshop, and learn how to leverage stages and your story to scale your business

I often meet lots of speakers…with a whole variety of experience. Some present better than others. A lot of entrepreneurs I meet tell me that they want to speak to share their message. It’s so important that when you do, you show up in your brilliance. 

As someone who has had the privilege to be invited to speak on many stages around the world, you may find these top 10 strategies helpful. 

These are lessons I have learned 🙂

1. Do grounding exercises beforehand to help with any nervousness or discomfort

2. Learn how and when to show vulnerability 

3. Make sure the audience can see you

4. Stay connected to your heart instead of focused on your notes

5. Stay true to your intentions during your talk

6. Don’t worry about having everyone “love” you

7. Own your point of view 

8. Take in your applause

9. Remember to breathe

10. Enjoy

Remember, as Maya Angelou said so eloquently, “people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

My mission is helping those whom have a message get a clear plan on how to deliver it through speaking from stages!

Join me to become a phenomenal leader, speaker and inspirational visionary. 

Make A Difference! 

You must start small & local ⬇️ Propser where your feet are planted! 

You’re one step away from a relationship or opportunity that is a total game changer!

Event promoters are always looking for new talented speakers to bring value to their events, SPECIALLY WOMEN!

I am a creator, making a difference in the world, and YOU can do the absolute same!

Don’t hold back what you have to share with the world, because YOU are the only person who can offer what’s inside of you.

I am SO excited about the Women Speakers Workshop that I am leading on:

Saturday 15th of July in beautiful Gold Coast

9am to 5:30pm at the Vibe Hotel

Please join us, You will be glad you did!!!