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“It’s our time to be empowered”


 Sandra is an Outstanding Female Speaker who is dedicated to connecting you with your purpose, helping you discover your level of self worth by inspiring you to believe in yourself and uncover your greatness!

 Her passion is to inspire & empower women to step into Leadership and take it to amaSSSing new levels!

Sandra empowers Women to Lead Change, raising their vibration of energy and self-worth by utilizing leading edge powerful techniques and processes that are ideal to create breakthroughs and heal wounds from the past that hold you back from moving forward in a successful way. In other words, Sandra’s amaSSSing strategies help you stop “SelfSabotage” so you can finally move ahead with your life freely and successfully by supporting each other in a close, loving and like-minded community => Personal Leadership For Women!

Get started. There is nothing else to talk about. You have allowed fear to hold you captive long enough. You have thought.. “I would.. but”. Push your “but” out of the way and get started. You have been procrastinating long enough.

Even you do not believe your own excuses anymore. The writing is on the wall. You know in your heart of hearts you will never forgive yourself if you don’t do it!

It does not matter what people say. 

They will say it and think it anyhow. This is your life. Take control of it, You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

This is YOUR  opportunity to be part of something amaSSSing!!

From Sandra:

“I love supporting women and showing them what’s possible by loving themselves in their journey of growth, self-development and entrepreneurship

The best way to impact the people around you is to live the change yourself. You don’t need to come and teach them, you just need to be the change.

For me I know the more I grow myself the more I am leaving a legacy with my kids and they are going to take it onto a much bigger mission themselves.”

 “Sandra is just unbelievably focused. To me Sandra is not just Sandra anymore, she is Doctor Sandra Bravo, She is a Doctor of the Soul, she heals the soul which is the most important part of a human being. She is the most giving, caring, loving and amazing leader and listener” 

Patricia Pocock

I Want To Register Now ==> Click here

I have created an UNFORGETTABLE and POWERFUL EXPERIENCE for Women, whether you are a female entrepreneur, business owner or working for somebody else.

I am one of them and I totally know what you’re going through and how to support you in achieving your goals, raising your energy to a level where you’ve never been before AND becoming an AMASSSING LEADER!!!

It will be in a paradise like environment, with a group of like-minded women.

I don’t want you to return home with a bunch of information to review and ideas to implement;

I want you to return home different:


More Energetic, Focused, Happier and more passionate about your life.

In other words, I want to do the work while we’re together.


Become an AMASSSING LEADER with me and-3

I personally believe change can be EASY, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look scary before you get there.

In fact, I think many of us waste many years putting off what we want, because we’re afraid that change will hurt or be hard or dangerous or impossible.

If you’re sick and tired of struggle, feeling exhausted, dissatisfied, and not quite getting what you want… This is the perfect time and place for you!


You’ll get to disconnect from the outside world, connect with your inner self: spiritually, emotionally, physically and ground yourself with nature, which is where the ideas and creativity get to flow freely.

Our amasssing retreat provides a safe place for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges outside their normal lives with other women supporting you judgement free.

You’ll join a small, tight-knit group of women who push you to Think Bigger and Achieve More, a very exclusive mastermind where you can turn to as you manage the ups and downs of life, career and family.


You’ll learn to lead by inspiration and become a skillful decision-maker

You will be part of a long term support group that continues well beyond the final days of the leadership Retreat.The goal is to help you hold onto that inspiration that happens during the event with the close-knit amasssing supporters to keep the momentum going.


These is what some of our amasssing ladies who attended the last retreat have to say:


==> “Sandra is an inspiration, loving pocket rocket. Amasssing is her best creation ever! She has a massive heart, she is visionary & supportive for everyone in the room. Love and Gratitude Always”

 ==> “Sandra is amasssing, she puts a lot of energy and passion into the course. She has a unique individual approach to material and shares a lot of her own life experiences which give us insides and her unique stories help us remember the key points of the lessons”

 ==> “Sandra is a motivator, passionate speaker, fun, yes gets us all to work at 100% – BEST RETREAT EVER!!! Love to recommend others”

 ==> “Sandra and the amasssing 8 are inspirational, energetic, strong and powerful! I have truly grown       over the past 3 days, I feel much more equipped to take on the next adventure in my life. Thank you for sharing your amasssing gift with me and for creating such an amasssing space for women to learn and grow

==> “Sandra, Just wanted to thank you so much for putting on a fantastic event, my wife has come back a different woman + Happy Wife is a Happy Life + that retreat has really made a difference for our whole family, you are making a real difference in this world”

 ==> “Sandra, words can not explain how much the retreat has changed my life. You are AMASSSING, you are an inspiration. Ever since I have come back from the retreat my life has changed in ways I never imagined. I wake up at 5:30am now EVERY morning, ME the girl who is a night owl. You change lives Sandra”

 ==> “I was so rejuvenated that I returned to the mainland full of new ideas. Evidently, if you give your brain time to relax, ideas will come later.”

 ==> “I was vibrating at such high frequency of energy that I got in the flow and days after the retreat I started attracting amasssing things & people into my life”

==> “Once I let go of control, I felt connected to my heart and my soul and I finally trusted others to open myself up and know that being vulnerable is a sign of strength and not a weakness”

==> “The retreat allowed me to have a big shift in awareness, I got so many new distinctions, new meanings, a more empowering and supportive language”

==> “I realize that I can vibrate at the same high level of other awesome professional women” 

==> “I enjoyed being present and knowing that it’s ok to ask for help and that I have a supportive group of female entrepreneurs and an accountability partner”

==> “I realized that for me to be more feminine I need to surround myself with women who are supportive and protect my confidence “

==> “It’s a tough job as it is to be a female and if we’re not going to support ourselves then who else will”

I want this to be one of the top 10 Experiences of your life! 

By the time you leave here, people won’t be able to resist your ENERGY, your CONFIDENCE, your PASSION!!!


 This is the number 1 reason why others have registered:

“I knew in my heart that this is part of my journey in leading myself and others where I would meet other dynamic, pioneering woman whilst learning from an amaSSSing dynamic, pioneering woman”

“To network with like minded Entrepreneurs, brainstorm on ideas to take my business to the next level!”

“Thought its about time I did some personal reflection and its always easier if its facilitated.”

“To surround myself and bond with other like minded ladies, so we can support each other more!”

“I registered to be part of a mastermind group of other motivated Business Women. I made a decision at the end of December to leave my friends and search for similar minded, focused, highly motivated and goal orientated entrepreneurs. I want to be part of a strong community who will guide, support and encourage each other.”

“I made a commitment to myself and business accountability partners to continue learning, surround myself with motivated people that speak their truth in both work and play. And I want to increase my network of like minded individuals with a purpose and have a positive impact on people’s lives. I am open to new opportunities and excited about reconnecting with you Sandra.” 



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Beware of the 2 Sneakiest Saboteurs That Will Keep You Stuck

When your Inner Saboteurs fight for their lives, two obstacles often show up: “I don’t have money” and “I don’t have time”


Every time you use Money as the EXCUSE for not doing what you want, you make Money the BAD GUY!

You unconsciously build anger and resentment and fear. Money becomes the powerful monster that keeps you from your dreams.

If you really want to create a new, loving, sacred & pleasurable relationship with Money, INVEST in this change.

You’re going to have a relationship with Money until the day you die, so make it a good one! Magical things often happen with this one shift.

And then there’s the time issue. Being away for a weekend can be really inconvenient. I get it!

But remember this…

Participating in this exclusive retreat will not only produce profound transformation – it will produce it quickly.

+ There will be no distractions, no interruptions, no responsibilities. 

+ Just you, me, and a small group of women in a magical space …

+ I want you to achieve massive success … quickly. That’s why I decided to have a small group of women through this process.

+ Something magical happens when you join together with other women – who share your intention for growth and transformation.

+ Together, we create a collective energy that attracts in the universe’s support and resources.

+ So you can effortlessly break through barriers … let go of beliefs and habits that don’t support you … and fully step into your unique and priceless feminine power.

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If you’re ready to discover what Feminine Empowerment & AmaSSSing Leadership is all about!


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