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Small Business Financial Educator

Accountant, Business Owner, Professional Speaker and Coach to Small Business Owners, Phoebe has seen it all.From business owners who left their accounting to their business partners being left high and dry by fraud; to the imminent bankruptcy of Business owners to ashamed to ask for help.

For these reasons Phoebe’smission is to educate new business owners to start business on the right foot and deliverto themthe peace of mind that comes from being financially educated.

We are not taught accounting or small business ownership in school and Phoebe is acutely aware of the Fear and Overwhelm many new business owners experience around the ‘numbers’.  She takes the time to patiently and gently take you step by step through the necessary ‘red tape’ required for successful small business ownership.

Phoebe knows the power of understanding your financials and the importance of monitoring changes so you can adjust your business quickly before it is too late.  Her years of experience working with small business owners tell her many business owners don’t.

As your coach and mentor, she connects you with all the knowledge, strategies, tips and tricks many seasoned business owners don’t know.  Her aim is to give you simple strategies you can implement straight away. After working with Phoebe you will be empowered; equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions around your business.  Better decisions equal’s better results.

By helping you do it right the first time Phoebe takes away the future pain of messy accounting records, harassment and fines from an overzealous Tax Department.

Experienced across a broad range of industries and business models, her favourite is the network marketing model and its ability for anyone to grow a leveraged passive income without the trappings of traditional business.  “This type of business model just makes sense” says Phoebe, “with the systems, marketing, and product already done for you it is an easy step into small business ownership for anyone with minimum start-up costs” 

Phoebe is in the business of creating lifelong wealth for both herself and her clients.   Personally, she has partnered with Nu Skin for her passive income stream.  She believes in their exceptional products, their values & is passionate about helping people live well longer.  Most importantly, as an accountant, the numbers line up and the model is right.

As awell-respected professional speaker and financial educator, Phoebe regularly gives workshops and presentations. With her one on one help you can forget about being constantly worried whether you are ‘doing it right’ or if the tax man will be knocking on your door.  Instead relax and enjoy being singularly focused on what you love while having the peace of mind that all your accounts are in order.

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