Michelle Bassett

IMG_5994Michelle Bassett

 What I Do:

I am an ambassador, a pioneer, and a leader.  I believe that every individual has essential and healthy goals that are to be pursed without sacrificing any of the other goals.  I believe that each and every one of us deeply knows that we ARE special and we CAN have anything we want in life; we just need to BELIEVE it!

Sometimes, having someone else believe in us more than we do gives us an opportunity to begin; to continue and to strive.  Someone who shows us what they see, instead of what we see and to help us to feel what it will be like when we achieve all that is deep within our desires.  I believeand  I see the potential of every person I meet.  It is my honour and I believe, my duty, to help those that WANT to see their future, ACHIEVE it!

 Through a blended experience of training, coaching and mentoring I offer my unique prospective, success strategies, and a range of the latest tools to further each individual’s journey of self discovery.  Along the journey I have assisted my clients to identify opportunities that will benefit them physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually – it’s about your needs, wants and desires; not mine.

 Why I’m involved with AmaSSSing:

 Many of my clients are women, and the greatest barrier I see is lack of self confidence.  It’s the lack of trust in their abilities, qualities and judgement (intuition) that I see holding them back.  Along with the women in the AmaSSSing community, I uphold the core values and at the very heart of our community I hold the line in making sure each member knows that we are here to

Protect each other’s confidence”

My Ideal Prospect:

 I love working with women who feel a bit lost, unsure of where they are going but KNOW there is more out there and that they WANT it!  Whether you want more out of your career, health or relationships, the path of transition can be long or short (notice I didn’t say easy or hard!).  Following in the footsteps of many of my own mentors and coaches, I have fast tracked my journey to success.  My intention is your intention. We can take as much time as you need, and I can help motivate you to challenge yourself along the way.

 I have assisted a range of people who have increased their profitability in their business (up to 200%), start a new business, transition into a new career and their dream job with a pay increase, and negotiate increases in wages in their existing role (over $25K).  Other women I have coached have lost over 40kg, dropped from a size 22 to size 14 and now experience a life full of energy, joy and activity with their family.  These are not my results; these are my client’s results!  I assist them to create a vision of their results, and I can for you – what do you WANT for yourself?


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