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Arisha Maharaj

What I do?
All employers and business owners know that they would get the best results and outcomes if their employees came into work every day feeling motivated, supported and appreciated. After all the effects of happy employees in the workplace is priceless in every tangible and intangible way. What I do makes this is a reality. I work at improving organisational workplace culture and capability. Previously working as a lawyer, I am able to provide innovative training and development within the legal boundaries to empower the organisations most valued asset, their employees!

My ideal prospect
Organisations and businesses who would like to develop their employees and themselves to achieve the best results for absolutely everyone.




Eleni Szemeti

Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Author& Professional Speaker.

A Formidable Woman with a Heart

If you have the chance to meet, Melbourne based, Entrepreneur Eleni Szemeti then you are in for a treat. Underneath her bubbly personality and caring nature for the hundreds of Entrepreneurs that move through her business bounce HUB*doors each year is a formidable women with a heart.

Teacher of 30 years and lifelong learner (it matters!) she has shortened the learning curve for many first time business owners by taking cutting edge learning techniques, shortcuts and sure-fire formulas for success and packaging them up into business coaching, mastermind and networking programs facilitated with the magic art of hospitality only a Greek Woman can provide.

The growth environments she has created for business owners, wanting to step away from the office and connect with others in a leveraged space, can only be described as a fresh inspiring space for the body, mind and soul.

Studying the psychological, social & heart of what it takes to really unlock success Eleni is able to tap into what you need, right now, to move you forward.

Whether you are new in business needing a road map for success and expertise in exploring all opportunity’s flooding you,  or a more experienced business owner searching for fresh ideas, new opportunities and a reboot of energy Eleni’s passion is contagious and her FOCUS program deliverers results every time.

Her own determined success includes the owner ship of several successful franchises, and building a multimillion dollar businesses from scratch in 6 years after losing everything due to an unscrupulous supplier. Formidable, resilient, runs on the board and a heart for sharing her success with others, she is the co-author of two books on overcoming hurdles in business and life.

A master ful story teller and still active in her own successful Engineering family business Eleni’s  gift is the ability to connect your knowledge gap with real life examples – no dry theory, just real world, practical tools and proven results.

Wife and mother of three Eleni is a shining example and inspiration to others that it is possible to run a business (several in fact) have a family and still live a beautiful and vivacious life.  When you walk away from interacting with Eleni you walk away a better version of yourself.

Eleni is offering all Amasssing ladies the opportunity to have a 2 hour business focus session with her either in Melbourne or via Skype for $197.  (Valued at $397 that’s a savings of $200!)

If you are unsure about where you are heading, or what your next steps should be then contact Eleni for a confidential chat.

*bounce HUB “Business Owners Ultimate Networking Coaching & Education for Heart Centred United Businesses”

Contact Eleni

Facebook |

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Web |

Telephone | 0412593589

Email |

EmilyEmily Greenaway

Who is Emily?

Emily is a entrepreneur & investor by exhilaration. Currently a Real Estate Coach to many successful clients, as well as a Master Wealth Creation Coach for Peak Potentials in the U.S.A.

As CEO of “Empower You TV”, the place to go for everything “Real Estate” Emily interviews experts worldwide in the area of Wealth Creation as well as Maintaining Health & Conquering ‘self’.

Empower You TV is home to the fastest growing community of motivated, like minded entrepreneurs & Property Investors.

Emily helps everyday motivated people take their lives from where they are right now to where they want to be by lifting the lid on their own limitations.

 Emily began her personal journey 20 years ago in Entertainment  and performed all over the world for 15 years. 5 years ago she decided to end the “hand to mouth” lifestyle and take charge of her financial future and pursue her true passion. Helping Empower the lives of others. 4 years ago, a then broke Emily, discovered how to get into property with little or none of her own money and went on to do 9 property deals in 3.5 years starting with only $1000!

On the basis of that success, friends and family wanted to know how she did it.

That was her motivation to start Empower You TV. To showmotivated everyday people that when you lift the lid on your own limitations then suddenly the world opens up to an abundance of opportunity that you didn’t even know existed!


  • Solutions to Create Wealth, Achieve Health & Conquer Self!
  • Absolutely everything youll ever need to know to profit from property & make passive income incredibly fast!
  • 24 hour access to live webinars, podcasts&property education
  • Learn from the Experts with fool proof Action Steps for financial freedom, full health & energised motivation.
  • private closed groups forums
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE Real Estate Retreats
  • Tax secrets ordinary accountants wont tell you or sometimes wont even KNOW!
  • How to protect your investments and structure it for maximum security
  • How to obtain finance when it seems everyone else says no!
  • Property strategies to accelerate your portfolio & your profits!
  • How to stop feeling frustrated about wasting time on bad systems and start getting FAST results!
  • How to access Live & Active Deals!
  • Potential joint venture opportunities
  • HOW to do it, and WHO to do it with!

Who my ideal client is:

  • Motivated Everyday People inhibited by their own financial or time limitations, that want to be shown how to get from where they are right now, to where they want to be by expanding their Wealth through Property!
  • If you cant seem to get to get a loan, access any more equity or save a deposit? Creative property strategies could be just what you need!
  • If you’re sick and tired of struggle, feeling exhausted, dissatisfied & not quite getting what you want out of life
  • Seasoned Property Investors struggling to find their “Power Team, looking for Professional Experts that speak the language of an investor!
  • If you want to learn how to create the life you want NOW through property investment
  • If you think that Property Investing could never be possible for “Someone like you”!
  • if you are constantly being infected by the non supportive energy of others that don’t understand your journey
  • If you want to learn how to create the life you want NOW through Property Investment , & have a laugh with friends while you’re at it, then you need to be a part of this empowered community of entrepreneurs!

How to reach Emily: (contact details):

Aust: +61 (0) 419 594 851

U.S: 0011 1 (213) 457 3186



IreneIrene Scott

What I do:

I’m a Business Advisor, Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Copywriter and Author… who specialises in Systems, Marketing and Copywriting for today’s entrepreneurial Small Business Owners.

Before that I worked in engineering… Civil Engineering, specifically. I graduated from the University of Sydney with the University Medal, and have worked on both Australia’s tallest and longest bridges. The thing I loved about engineering is knowing my work has helped many communities both in Australia and in South East Asia.

I have owned businesses and used my skills to create systems, marketing and copywriting to grow and sell my business for a profit. I now bring my sharp analytical engineering skills to other businesses to diagnose issues… using proven, cost-effective solutions that increase profit, give time back to the owner and build trust with their clients.

In my spare time I’veco-authored four books… Shine, Believe, Gratitude and Love.  And this year I’m publishing my new Business Book “Free Flow… How to Quadruple the Amount of HOT LEADS into Your Business. Growth by Numbers”

I have recently graduated from Public Speaker University having trained as a professional speaker with Andy Harrington, the World’s Leading Public Speaking Expert.  I am excited to use my speaking skills to teach business owners how to attract more customers, increase profit and have more free time.

My goal is to empower200 business people to find freedom in their business.  To find outHow to Make Your Business Thrive in Any Economy click here…

My Ideal Prospect:

My ideal prospect is a small to medium sized business owner whose annual turnover is between $2,000,000 and $10,000,000 and who are struggling with cash flow, free time or not having enough clients.

My ideal prospect is someone that wants to improve their business by increasing sales, increasing profit, increasing the number of customers as well as getting more time back for themselves.  To create a business that can run without them.

My ideal prospect is someone who is motivated and determined to improve their business.  They are open to new approaches in marketing and copywriting, and are willing to be held accountable.

Contact details:

 Phone: +61 400 688 072 or +61 1300 440 979

Jessica Kinnersly

 What I do:

Your health is your # 1 asset- Are you truly free and happy??

My name is Jessica Kinnersly and I am a nutritional cleansing coach and mentor! I coach and support people to achieve their lifestyle and health goals!  By re-booting your body, flooding it with essential nutrients and aligning it into an alkaline state you can super charge your life!

I am also a qualified medic and Emergency Response/ Security Coordinator in Gold Mining Industry. This involves managing Emergency Services for 5 underground mines, Mineral Processing Plant, Goldroom and associated equipment/ leases.  My role is to assist with the Emergency Preparedness, Security and health of all sites.

Why am I an AmaSSSing woman?

I believe to be the best version of one’s self, we must be open to continually learning, being pushed outside our comfort zone and grow! Being apart of the AmaSSSing women provides a safe, supportive environment to challenge yourself and develop!

I always strive to do more, learn more, be better and give back!

Sandra has lead the way in creating this environment for woman around the world!

She is a true inspiration, mentor and role model! My life purpose is to become an internationally renowned motivational speaker, helping others find their life purpose and love themselves unconditionally! Sandra provides this opportunity for you to truly live the life of your dreams!

My Ideal Prospect:

I attract ideal prospects who are looking to improve their health (weight loss, lean muscle development, more energy, better sleep,etc) and who are determined to help others around the world do the same!

Also those, who may be lost and needs support and guidance to get in touch with their inner child and live life of their dreams!

Lisa-OrmenyessyLisa Ormenyessy

What I Do

Before I say what I do, let me tell you who I am.

You can count on me to always deliver…

  • Multilayered expression to create congruence between the hard and logic
  • mercurial ideas to expand authentic conversation
  • Create momentum through rapid transformation of big ideas into actions
  • Create safe 360 growth environments
  • Create Freedom
  • Compassionately tell it as I see it.

I currently use my gifts as a business coach and marketer.

If you are looking for marketing ideas I am your go-to girl.

I have a knack of tapping into the market on a deep level and knowing emotionally why they act like they do and what will encourage or stop them from acting the way you want them to and helping you craft the message that will capture their imagination.

I am a musician, and artist, and a natural creative – despite this I am one of the few who are grounded and pragmatic which is why I am excited to be living at this time.

World Consciousness is rising and I am a leader in that change.

My gift is bringing the spiritual and creative part of life to women in a practical no-nonsense way that leaves them feeling empowered with an overriding sense that they can do whatever they put their mind too.

My ideal Prospect

Women who feel guilty for not doing yoga J

What I mean by that is women who are beginning to wake up to the fact that they want more out of life and are feeling spiritually or creatively mal nourished and don’t know where to start.

Web Sites

Twitter @coachlisao  |@vibaliciouslife

Instagram coachlisao |vibaliciouslife

Liz-DaviesLiz Davies

We have all seen those programs on Oprah where someone, usually a woman, has a hoarding problem and it takes 50 trucks to empty the house, well, the woman who can help Oprah and her viewers is Liz Davies.

Liz turned her own unwillingness to throw out items that could be reused or recycled into her highly successful businessSelf Storage Australia. She later went on to become President of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA). Liz took the organisation from being based in New South Wales and Victoria to presiding over the first SSAA meetings in Queensland, South Australia and joined the Western Australian members to the national body. The following year New Zealand members became part of the Association.

Developing her embryonic self storage business she created, constructed, funded, expanded interstate with her husband and now is guiding the next generation of this multimillion dollar business which is underpinning her true desire- changing the world for the better.

Her passion for small business, education and seeking a better future, led Liz to be elected to many boards, often as with the Master Builders Association, Economic Development Boards, the only woman in many male dominated fields. An early pioneer and great supporter of women in business, Liz was founding President of Business and Professional (BPW) woman in Alice Springs and later founding President of North East Women (NEW) in Adelaide.

Liz has been recognised for her achievements in Business and contribution to the Self Storage Industry,she is a Foundation member and one of a very few who have receivedthe coveted Life Membership.

For her community work in Rotary, that assisted several million people in India, Cambodia and Australia Liz was awarded the highest honour in Rotary International, a Paul Harris medal and also privileged to receivethe William and Catherine Booth medal(founders of the Salvation Army) for her involvement in many major fundraising drives and projects for the Salvation Army.

Liz also stood for Federal and State Parliament as a candidate for a major political party and has forged great relationships and learnt many of life’s lessons.She is grateful to those who believe in a cause and many who volunteer their time and resources to reach a common goal.

An ideal client for Liz is the person who seeks to declutter their or family members or friends home, office, surroundings.Anyone who needs assistance in packing and/or storing belongings in a secure award winning Self Storage Australia’s storage Centre in Adelaide or Alice Springs.

The showroom in Adelaide is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere where clients can buy one box or tape, bubble wrap, paper to many specialist items such as heavy duty covers, mattress protectors, kitchen boxes, wine socks to even didgeridoo boxes. Every product that you can imagine that is needed for moving home and storage is either in stock or can be ordered.

Meeting the Amasssing ladies was a natural progression. To be both assisting other woman in business and also learning from likeminded woman, who want to live their life to the fullest is rewarding.

Liz Davies can be reached on 08 83693055


Please check our website

IMG_5994Michelle Bassett

 What I Do:

I am an ambassador, a pioneer, and a leader.  I believe that every individual has essential and healthy goals that are to be pursed without sacrificing any of the other goals.  I believe that each and every one of us deeply knows that we ARE special and we CAN have anything we want in life; we just need to BELIEVE it!

Sometimes, having someone else believe in us more than we do gives us an opportunity to begin; to continue and to strive.  Someone who shows us what they see, instead of what we see and to help us to feel what it will be like when we achieve all that is deep within our desires.  I believeand  I see the potential of every person I meet.  It is my honour and I believe, my duty, to help those that WANT to see their future, ACHIEVE it!

 Through a blended experience of training, coaching and mentoring I offer my unique prospective, success strategies, and a range of the latest tools to further each individual’s journey of self discovery.  Along the journey I have assisted my clients to identify opportunities that will benefit them physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually – it’s about your needs, wants and desires; not mine.

 Why I’m involved with AmaSSSing:

 Many of my clients are women, and the greatest barrier I see is lack of self confidence.  It’s the lack of trust in their abilities, qualities and judgement (intuition) that I see holding them back.  Along with the women in the AmaSSSing community, I uphold the core values and at the very heart of our community I hold the line in making sure each member knows that we are here to

Protect each other’s confidence”

My Ideal Prospect:

 I love working with women who feel a bit lost, unsure of where they are going but KNOW there is more out there and that they WANT it!  Whether you want more out of your career, health or relationships, the path of transition can be long or short (notice I didn’t say easy or hard!).  Following in the footsteps of many of my own mentors and coaches, I have fast tracked my journey to success.  My intention is your intention. We can take as much time as you need, and I can help motivate you to challenge yourself along the way.

 I have assisted a range of people who have increased their profitability in their business (up to 200%), start a new business, transition into a new career and their dream job with a pay increase, and negotiate increases in wages in their existing role (over $25K).  Other women I have coached have lost over 40kg, dropped from a size 22 to size 14 and now experience a life full of energy, joy and activity with their family.  These are not my results; these are my client’s results!  I assist them to create a vision of their results, and I can for you – what do you WANT for yourself?

Web Sites



amassing-Phoebe-GreeningPhoebe Greening

Small Business Financial Educator

Accountant, Business Owner, Professional Speaker and Coach to Small Business Owners, Phoebe has seen it all.From business owners who left their accounting to their business partners being left high and dry by fraud; to the imminent bankruptcy of Business owners to ashamed to ask for help.

For these reasons Phoebe’smission is to educate new business owners to start business on the right foot and deliverto themthe peace of mind that comes from being financially educated.

We are not taught accounting or small business ownership in school and Phoebe is acutely aware of the Fear and Overwhelm many new business owners experience around the ‘numbers’.  She takes the time to patiently and gently take you step by step through the necessary ‘red tape’ required for successful small business ownership.

Phoebe knows the power of understanding your financials and the importance of monitoring changes so you can adjust your business quickly before it is too late.  Her years of experience working with small business owners tell her many business owners don’t.

As your coach and mentor, she connects you with all the knowledge, strategies, tips and tricks many seasoned business owners don’t know.  Her aim is to give you simple strategies you can implement straight away. After working with Phoebe you will be empowered; equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions around your business.  Better decisions equal’s better results.

By helping you do it right the first time Phoebe takes away the future pain of messy accounting records, harassment and fines from an overzealous Tax Department.

Experienced across a broad range of industries and business models, her favourite is the network marketing model and its ability for anyone to grow a leveraged passive income without the trappings of traditional business.  “This type of business model just makes sense” says Phoebe, “with the systems, marketing, and product already done for you it is an easy step into small business ownership for anyone with minimum start-up costs” 

Phoebe is in the business of creating lifelong wealth for both herself and her clients.   Personally, she has partnered with Nu Skin for her passive income stream.  She believes in their exceptional products, their values & is passionate about helping people live well longer.  Most importantly, as an accountant, the numbers line up and the model is right.

As awell-respected professional speaker and financial educator, Phoebe regularly gives workshops and presentations. With her one on one help you can forget about being constantly worried whether you are ‘doing it right’ or if the tax man will be knocking on your door.  Instead relax and enjoy being singularly focused on what you love while having the peace of mind that all your accounts are in order.

To Connect with Phoebe

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LinkedIn |

Mobile number 0422 388774



Sandra's photo
It’s our time to be empowered” – by Sandra Bravo

Sandra is an Outstanding Female Speaker who is dedicated to connecting you with your purpose, helping you discover your level of self worth by inspiring you to believe in yourself and uncover your greatness!

Her passion is to inspire & empower women to step into Leadership and take it to amaSSSing new levels!

Sandra’s Smile alone not only inspires but it heals people.

Her audiences are motivated, inspired and shown how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves.

Change has never been this painless!

 Sandra is the mother of two beautiful little girls, Alannah who is 8yrs old and Brianna who is 5yrs old. Health is important for Sandra and maintaining an alkaline body to keep her energy up.

In recent years, Sandra Bravo has focused on self-improvement, spirituality and self-help.

Sandra empowers Women to Lead Change, raising their vibration of energy and self-worth by utilizing leading edge powerful techniques and processes that are ideal to create breakthroughs and heal wounds from the past that hold you back from moving forward in a successful way. In other words, Sandra’s amaSSSing strategies help you stop “SelfSabotage” so you can finally move ahead with your life freely and successfully by supporting each other in a close, loving and like-minded community => Personal Leadership For Women!

Sandra introduces women to the 3 different types of Karma and how they can be changed by teaching them the importance of taking responsibility for their life – being able to raise their vibration of energy to attract and work for those things they dream off, instead of just letting life happen to them.

Sandra teaches women how to take charge of their finances & become independent.

Sandra calls it the purpose point, where you feel restless because you are being called to the next stage of your evolution, called to serve your higher purpose in business and it is time to pay heed to that calling, time to commit to a clear vision of what you want to create, and why it is important, time to engage others into your mission because together we can have a much bigger impact than you would ever do on our own. You need to be willing to release the past so that you can continue to serve at a higher level in the future!

Sandra’s amaSSSing passion for Leadership will totally change your energy and focus and help you find the motivation you need to get you & your team to the next level of Success in your business and in your life!

Get started. There is nothing else to talk about. You have allowed fear to hold you captive long enough. You have thought.. “I would..but”. Push your “but” out of the way and get started. You have been procrastinating long enough.

Even you do not believe your own excuses anymore. The writing is on the wall. You know in your heart of hearts you will never forgive yourself if you don’t do it!

It does not matter what people say.

They will say it and think it anyhow. This is your life. Take control of it, You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

This is YOUR  opportunity to be part of something amaSSSing!!

From Sandra: “I love supporting women and showing them what’s possible by loving themselves in their journey of growth, self-development and entrepreneurship

The best way to impact the people around you is to live the change yourself. You don’t need to come and teach them, you just need to be the change.

For me I know the more I grow myself the more I am leaving a legacy with my kids and they are going to take it onto a much bigger mission themselves.”

 “Sandra is just unbelievably focused. To me Sandra is not just Sandra anymore, she is Doctor Sandra Bravo, She is a Doctor of the Soul, she heals the soul which is the most important part of a human being. She is the most giving, caring, loving and amazing leader and listener” 

Patricia Pocock

Sandra-LarsenSandra Larsen

Is a professional entrepreneur who exhibits tremendous loyalty, integrity and an unwavering positive attitude; she is a true leader in every sense of the word.  Sandra earns the respect of business partners’ worldwide through her dedication to others, commitment to ensuring team success, and investment in self-improvement and personal growth.

She comes from an Education background, having taught Junior High and High School for a decade before beginning a family.  During her teaching career she was involved in coaching at elite levels; Sandra was a member of the Canadian Women in Sport Coaching Program and participated in grassroots programs with Basketball Canada.  It was nearing the end of her last maternity leave when an opportunity to partner with a skin technology company came upon her; she jumped at the groundbreaking opportunity and has since shared the Nucerity products and business model with others around the world.

Partnering with Nucerity International allows Sandra to provide proprietary, unique and proven skin technology products, leading-edge business systems and tools.   She provides further support through unparalleled coaching and mentoring throughout a teammates journey toward self-empowerment, financial independence, and significance.

Sandra seeks to enable individuals and families globally to develop the greatness within them and create a future that allows them to live their definition of a perfect life balance of freedom and success.

Discover how Sandra can help you create your own beautiful life by connecting here:

Ideal Customer

Our customers are people of any age and skin type, who desire smoother, younger-looking skin, and/or to repair signs of skin damage and in doing so renew a feeling of inner beauty and confidence.  NuCerity’s unique and patented Breathable Barrier® technology uses the body’s own moisture to deeply rehydrate and rejuvenate skin.

Possible skin conditions include:

  • acne
  • scarring
  • rosacea
  • psoriasis,
  • eczema
  • dermatitis and more

Ideal Business Partner

  • A professional who is open minded, motivated, coachable and loves to have fun.
  • They are invested in personal development and committed to continual growth in themselves, thus leading and building our team by example.
  • They are a team player, who finds gratification in helping others achieve their dreams and goals and reward in building a supportive and dynamic community.

DaltonShirley Dalton

What I Do:

My mission in life is to inspire, educate and support you to be, do, have and feel what you want. Working with business owners I help them reclaim their freedom by systemizing their businesses and leading and managing their people.

Ideal Clients:

Business owners who are either looking to scale and grow their business or are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and over it.

Contact Me:

Free e-guide: 5 Simple Steps to Business Freedom
– go to

SimoneSimone Leete



Let me introduce Simone Leete, a fun filled woman who lives her life with purpose and passion. Simone enjoys playing the game of life and plays all in. She enjoys working alongside a team of dynamic business professionals, from all walks of life, all of whom also love to play at 100%.

If you are fueled by your most grand vision, you are living into your purpose and are spiritually, emotionally and financially fulfilled CONGRATULATIONS! Many do not afford themselves the permission to create their version of a beautiful life.

Until recently, Simone struggled to find her genuinely happy place in this world.

Her creative approach to life began, driven by her inquisitive nature and thinking outside the box which led to many successes. Years were spent in make-up, wardrobe and prop departments which transitioned into fashion retail and styling. From the ground up Simone built and designed an International Fashion business. Her couture race wear was well recognised within the industry. A couple of years ago Simone left her fashion business and has since drawn on many elements learnt from life’s lessons to allow women to recognise their own beauty from the inside out.

Today Simone is a proud supporter of Kate Crowley Smith and her vision to create success centers, helping women to rebuild their lives after domestic violence.

Simone is also a founding member of Amasssing, a professional women’s master mind group which is the brain child of Sandra Bravo. Hand in hand with a group of Amasssing ladies they are forming a community of visionaries, providing women with the support, tools and Simple Success Systems needed to reach their goals.

She lives and speaks her own truth, encouraging everyone to feel the freedom this provides. Her innate ability to seek out the beauty in people and life combined with her upbeat spirit is infectious.

Simone uses her intuition and the skill of listening and hearing what people around her need to motivate and lead others to their success.

Simone’s quest to create beautiful lives found her partnering with Nucertity International and in turn building a global network marketing business. She and her team of business professionals use category leading anti-ageing products as the vehicle to help others realise financial freedom.

We welcome BUSINESS PARTNERS into our supportive community who are

  • fun loving professionals
  • committed to personal development & are coachable
  • motivated to find greatness in others
  • team players that lead by example
  • thrive on helping others reach their goals
  • understanding this will lead to the personal successes of everyone

All our CUSTOMERS enjoy looking & being the most beautiful, confident person they can be

  •  appreciate the luxury of purchasing world leading products at wholesale prices
  •  love the convenience of online ordering & products delivered to their door
  •  feel safe in the knowledge their skincare is clinically tested & dermatologist recommended for all skin types, ages & ethnicity
  • Skincerity is the world’s only cosmetic product with patented Breathable Barrier® technology, providing the perfect environment for skin to rehydrate & heal itself
  • Are amazed by their personal results & inevitably share their success with friends & family

sue-moreSue Moore

Sue is passionate about helping women live a healthier life through eating nutritious food and exercising their mind and bodies.

She has a background in marketing and is an NLP Master Practioner and Trainer.

Sue has completed many half marathons, starting off only able to run for a minute to completing her first half marathon five months later.

She received a ‘wake up call’ in November 2014 when she was diagnosed with MS, with 8 lesions on her brain, which left her numb down the right hand side of her body, unable to feel her foot.

Over the next 9 months she started running again from scratch, modifying her diet, improving her mindset, meditating daily, had regular kinesiology sessions and defied the odds by completing her first marathon.

Her follow up brain scans showed that the 8 lesions on the brain had either ‘completely disappeared or significantly diminished’ through NO medical intervention.

With her coaching, running experience and eating healthy nutritious foods, Sue, inspires, educates and empowers women around the world, that it is possible to heal yourself from the ‘inside out’

Through her running programs and 1-1 coaching, she specialises in supporting women to be in their best shape ever, both physically and mentally, helping them break through the crap that’s been holding them back.

Ideal Client One

Female, 30-45 yr old, who exercised in the past, and now has let ‘life’ catch up with her. She’s wants to lose weight, and is looking to get back into shape through running, eat nutritious food and improve her mindset.


  • ‘Run Your Ass Off’ 6 wk online program
  • ‘Run Well – Eat Well – Be Well’ Monthly Membership Program

Ideal Client Two

 Female, 30-45 yr old, who has received a ‘medical diagnosis’ and is looking to heal themselves naturally without medical intervention.


  •  1-1 coaching


Website –

Facebook –

tamyTammy Richie

As a Multi Award Winning Business Woman, Founder of First Aid YUCAN2 and YUCAN2, aLifesaver, active networking Businesswoman, and the Spokesperson for the Qld Government’s Summer Safety Campaign, , Tammy is actively involved in many Media engagements to create awareness of how easily life threatening incidents can occur and more importantly, how to deal with them.  She realizes just how precious life is!Over a period of 18 months, Tammy also successfully ran a large Network and Mastermind Group for ladies and specialises in being able to coach other Businesses and brainstorm ideas so they increase their bottom line!  Although she has no formal Training for the Business Coaching as yet, she has successfully ran her own Businesses, winning multiple National Business Awards along the way and has helped many others do the same, so her experience is very beneficial and highly sought after!

After regaining her own health, increasing energy and transforming her life again, she believes others also deserve to feel amazing everyday as well, so she helps others transform their lives by supporting them with a Nutritional Cleanse, Isagenix. She is proud to say her team has expanded their reach to over 3000 people and through this support, helped them regain their lives back.  She believes everyone deserves to feel amazing everyday and is excited to be helping more!

Tammy is a dynamic, in demand Trainer, Speaker and Leader. She offers a more thorough understanding, using a positive mindset that assists others to also be empowered to overcome any adversity and achieve success as well, after overcoming many adversities herself. She became immersed in Personal Development and now utilizes her life experiences to help others build self esteem, discovering their life purpose, and jumping back into life.

Tammy is ready to impact the World in a massive way after recently enrolling in Speaker Training with one of the World’s best Female Speakers, Lisa Nichols and cannot wait to be able to train others to do the same!

Read more about Tammy at:
P: 0422 213 228
Connect with Tammy on Facebook

TrisTrisha Argentina

Legal Social Worker, Womens Advocate and Lawyer in the Making!

Trisha lives her passion for women’s rights and health every day.  Her mission is to empower women byadvocating for them and linking them up to powerful support networks so they can be successful in life.

A voice for the ‘voice-less’ and women who need advice in a highly confidential manner.  Herwork involves creating groups to help women overcome obstacles as big as depression and abusive relationships to career, parenting and management skills.  Her individual clients come to her for a holistic approach delivered with ahigh degree of trust, confidentialityand personal safety.

Her wide work networks encompass social, spiritual, physical and family support.

Author of “Seriously Independent… and Happy” a book about women overcoming life obstacles and challenges by building their own businesses allowing them to become strong and independent.Trisha is leading the way by recording the voices of successful women to demonstrate to others that anything is possible.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Law, Trisha has a vision to help women who experience legal issues and have chosen to go through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.   Her interests are advocacy and negotiationto help women reach a high level of independence by representing them in the legal arena.

A powerhouse who never stops Trisha is also a business owner and clinic manager for her husband’s chiropractic practice.  Her passion for health and women’s advocacy dovetails seamlessly with her partnership with NuSkin.

NuSkin has an exclusiveageLOCTM science which is an anti-aging formula that helps unlock individual’s youthful potential both internally and externally.

“Never have I seen a business that can generate freedom for women as quickly as this” says Trisha“It provides strong networks of support and community.  The women become more independent, learn new skills and become healthier.  I have seen women who would normally be stuck in the same place for the rest of their lives become very prosperous”

Trisha travels the world regularly sharing a message of health, beauty and financial independence through her NuSkin business.

Why I Am a Part of AmaSSSing

Trish enjoys all that Amasssing has to offer but especially likes the way it pushes her out of her comfort zone, allows her to be herself and strengthens her own voice.  She loves the increased confidence, energy and stronger self-belief she has gained which strengthens her ability to show up in the world as a business owner and great entrepreneur that she is.

My Ideal Client

Trisha can provide help for women requiring advocacy through her Social work, or Women who want to regain their health while providing financial freedom for themselves and their families.  She is truly a holistic practitioner providing assistance to help you become authentically you through the good and the challenging times.

How to Contact Trisha

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