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Liz-DaviesLiz Davies

We have all seen those programs on Oprah where someone, usually a woman, has a hoarding problem and it takes 50 trucks to empty the house, well, the woman who can help Oprah and her viewers is Liz Davies.

Liz turned her own unwillingness to throw out items that could be reused or recycled into her highly successful businessSelf Storage Australia. She later went on to become President of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA). Liz took the organisation from being based in New South Wales and Victoria to presiding over the first SSAA meetings in Queensland, South Australia and joined the Western Australian members to the national body. The following year New Zealand members became part of the Association.

Developing her embryonic self storage business she created, constructed, funded, expanded interstate with her husband and now is guiding the next generation of this multimillion dollar business which is underpinning her true desire- changing the world for the better.

Her passion for small business, education and seeking a better future, led Liz to be elected to many boards, often as with the Master Builders Association, Economic Development Boards, the only woman in many male dominated fields. An early pioneer and great supporter of women in business, Liz was founding President of Business and Professional (BPW) woman in Alice Springs and later founding President of North East Women (NEW) in Adelaide.

Liz has been recognised for her achievements in Business and contribution to the Self Storage Industry,she is a Foundation member and one of a very few who have receivedthe coveted Life Membership.

For her community work in Rotary, that assisted several million people in India, Cambodia and Australia Liz was awarded the highest honour in Rotary International, a Paul Harris medal and also privileged to receivethe William and Catherine Booth medal(founders of the Salvation Army) for her involvement in many major fundraising drives and projects for the Salvation Army.

Liz also stood for Federal and State Parliament as a candidate for a major political party and has forged great relationships and learnt many of life’s lessons.She is grateful to those who believe in a cause and many who volunteer their time and resources to reach a common goal.

An ideal client for Liz is the person who seeks to declutter their or family members or friends home, office, surroundings.Anyone who needs assistance in packing and/or storing belongings in a secure award winning Self Storage Australia’s storage Centre in Adelaide or Alice Springs.

The showroom in Adelaide is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere where clients can buy one box or tape, bubble wrap, paper to many specialist items such as heavy duty covers, mattress protectors, kitchen boxes, wine socks to even didgeridoo boxes. Every product that you can imagine that is needed for moving home and storage is either in stock or can be ordered.

Meeting the Amasssing ladies was a natural progression. To be both assisting other woman in business and also learning from likeminded woman, who want to live their life to the fullest is rewarding.


Liz Davies can be reached on 08 83693055


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