Ok…so you are looking to find your purpose, and I am assuming that you already know your passion. So why is it so hard to find your purpose? Well passions seem to be easier to understand. My definition of ‘passion’ is what I would call a quiet inner feeling that exists in your heart or chest, but it may even manifest in your belly as a ‘flutter’.

When you are passionate about something it feels like a B I G YES!!!



If you haven’t found your passion yet…here is a link

It will give you a truly genuine indication as to your true passion…I took the test and below is my result:


“You are the scholar, with a sharp mind that’s always coming up with new ideas. You are driven by curiosity and a search for the truth, often preferring to connect with people’s minds than their emotions. You would make a fantastic researcher or teacher, as you are good at explaining and interpreting. Your work must include mental stimulation – you’re at your best when you’re thinking hard.”

For anyone who knows me, I’m sure that they would agree…and I do too, as I do Family History Research/Genealogy as one of my passions, the others are Real Estate Property and Vision Boards.  


Ok…so now we’ve decided on the passion…that was easy. Next is to work out your purpose…hmmm…that just isn’t as easy as I’m trying to make it.

A few of things to remember…

  1. Stop Looking…Start Doing…
  2. Don’t just do anything because it’s the ‘Right Thing’ to do.
  3. Don’t focus on what others think you should necessarily do

Do, however, take note when someone compliments your actions and results…that is a great indicator of your talents and gifts.

Renowned Life Coach Martha Beck talks about “Social Self” that is where part of us is all consumed with fitting in, following the rules and being accepted by others. This totally interferes with your own purpose, when you focus more on “pleasing” other people. I’m sure you can relate some part of your life to that…I know I can.

Roadblocks can include your own unique thoughts about what’s possible in your life too. We have all heard of self-sabotage. Purpose is all about finding your own authentic self. Setting the intention to live in a way that truly honours whatever it is that you value and find what resonates with your soul.

Allow yourself to recognise an ‘Epiphany’ when you have it. That will show you a path in the direction that you really need to travel. Above all else, have faith in yourself. I can truly say that amongst the greatest days of my life have been when I realised my PASSIONS (I have three distinct passions in my life) and when I found my PURPOSE.

If you don’t know your purpose, the reason “Why you’re here” it can be a struggle to keep going…but, I say to you…”To live a purposeful life, you must follow your passions”. As Shannon Kaiser author of “Find Your Happy” says:


The need to seek out our purpose may come from a lack of passion.

Once you start doing your passion…the purpose should show. By taking action we allow ourselves to grow. When we grow we mature. When we are mature we are more able to recognise our purpose.

I wish you a life full of passions and purpose.

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