Irene Scott

IreneIrene Scott

What I do:

I’m a Business Advisor, Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Copywriter and Author… who specialises in Systems, Marketing and Copywriting for today’s entrepreneurial Small Business Owners.

Before that I worked in engineering… Civil Engineering, specifically. I graduated from the University of Sydney with the University Medal, and have worked on both Australia’s tallest and longest bridges. The thing I loved about engineering is knowing my work has helped many communities both in Australia and in South East Asia.

I have owned businesses and used my skills to create systems, marketing and copywriting to grow and sell my business for a profit. I now bring my sharp analytical engineering skills to other businesses to diagnose issues… using proven, cost-effective solutions that increase profit, give time back to the owner and build trust with their clients.

In my spare time I’veco-authored four books… Shine, Believe, Gratitude and Love.  And this year I’m publishing my new Business Book “Free Flow… How to Quadruple the Amount of HOT LEADS into Your Business. Growth by Numbers”

I have recently graduated from Public Speaker University having trained as a professional speaker with Andy Harrington, the World’s Leading Public Speaking Expert.  I am excited to use my speaking skills to teach business owners how to attract more customers, increase profit and have more free time.

My goal is to empower200 business people to find freedom in their business.  To find outHow to Make Your Business Thrive in Any Economy click here…

My Ideal Prospect:

My ideal prospect is a small to medium sized business owner whose annual turnover is between $2,000,000 and $10,000,000 and who are struggling with cash flow, free time or not having enough clients.

My ideal prospect is someone that wants to improve their business by increasing sales, increasing profit, increasing the number of customers as well as getting more time back for themselves.  To create a business that can run without them.

My ideal prospect is someone who is motivated and determined to improve their business.  They are open to new approaches in marketing and copywriting, and are willing to be held accountable.

Contact details:

 Phone: +61 400 688 072 or +61 1300 440 979