Hey! I’ve recently come across this article by Harvey Mackay, he talks about how much gossip can harm your business and your life! Want to know why? Keep reading 🙂

Can You Keep a Secret?

 “We live in an imperfect world where gossip is often the only form of conversation that some people can seem to conduct…[ ]

And the truth gets lost in the whirlwind.

The gossip business may be red hot, but office gossip is mostly bad for businesses.  The workplace should be a no-gossip zone.  But when it is not, consequences include lost productivity and wasted time, erosion of trust and morale, damaged reputations, dissension among employees and even the loss of good employees who leave companies due to unhealthy work environments”.

Have you ever experienced anything similar in your business or your job?

Gossip and rumors have been part of the workplace culture since ancient Egypt.  Although a certain amount of personal chitchat goes on in any workplace, gossiping employees can erode trust among co-workers and infect a team with hostility.”

Let’s review what proactive steps we can take to avoid it:

  1. Make sure your general company communications are efficient and as complete as possible.  Employees will believe rumors if they don’t have access to facts.  Even in tough times, give your people as much information as you can so they can rely on solid data, not half-truths.  If you can’t share news, explain why, so you don’t appear to be hiding anything.
  2. Always confront rumors directly.  If you catch wind of an untrue rumor, address it promptly.  Go to the source and set him or her straight, explaining the damage that false information can cause.  Clear up any confusion with your entire workforce right away.  They may think twice about spreading or believing rumors if they know you’re ready to step in.
  3. Set the right example.  Don’t listen to gossip that comes your way.  Either correct any misinformation immediately, or explain that you’re not interested in rumors.  Don’t pass along any unsubstantiated stories yourself.  Let the gossip stop with you.  If people persist in spreading rumors, suggest that they need more work to do. [ ]

Mackay’s Moral:  People who gossip are usually caught in their own mouth traps”.

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Photo reference: by jinterwas Can you keep a secret?