Welcome! Last Monday on our AmaSSSing Monday call we skipped the 11 laws from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey that we’ve been reviewing every week because we had a very special guest from Sydney, Zazeh Morfitis. She is an Emotion Code Practioner and releases blocked emotions in the body. We had a very special session where we talked about the wall we build around our heart with emotions. So get ready, you’re going to learn a lot, because this topic, trust me, is so beneficial for all of us.

Before I talk about what the Heart Wall is, let me tell you a little bit about how I got in touch with the Emotion Code and the release of my Heart Wall. I met Zazeh through a referral and I was looking for help with myself and my kids, because as you know, I am a single mom and after I got divorced from my former husband, he decided to move recently to the UK, and because all my family’s in Mexico and I’m here alone with the girls in Australia. I just felt that I didn’t want the girls to hold any resentment towards their daddy or have any issues of abandonment, so I went to ask for help and it was the best thing I could’ve done!

Removing Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code


What is the Heart Wall?

During our lifetime, we experience good emotions and negative emotions, but through some traumas and smaller things in our lives that effect us, we start to put up emotions around our heart as a protection mechanism. It’s like an onion, we keep putting the emotions around our heart for protection, but eventually it starts to stifle you.

Some heart walls can also start before we are born, they can start while we are prenatal, primarily in the second and the third trimester. You can also inherit emotions that can go anywhere into your body, but they can also form around your heart. We form what’s called a Heart Wall,

93 % of people have heart walls and we need to release them because they can cause lack of confidence, not moving forward, emotional trauma, etc.

Everyone is different, each person reacts differently to different things, so no two people are going to be the same.

Basically a HEART WALL is little layers of emotions that we need to peel away.

Sometimes we carry emotions from our past lives or from our parents that get transmitted to us at birth, and then, of course, all the traumatic things that happen throughout our childhood and we start protecting ourselves by forming that wall as such around our heart, which creates blocks,

Emotion blocks can prevent us from being able to open up completely in a relationship or feel those emotions deeply.

Some people, because we’re all different, will be affected health-wise and some people emotionally affected, we’re all slightly different. Sometimes it’s financially affected, even though that’s a different story again.

The same thing could happen to two different people but take it, assimilate it and react to it in different ways so it could show up emotionally or physically.

What are the Emotion Code & the Body Code

Energy is everything that is made up of light, but it’s like air and it’s like the air that we breathe. We can’t see it, even though our thoughts and our emotions are just energy, we just don’t know that they’re there sometimes. We think that when you want to understand energy, even the desk that you touch is energy, everything’s energy. The difference is it’s at a different vibration. There are different frequencies and it gives us an illusion of what we see and what we feel and what we think.

Energy healing is a broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow around our body and it restores a balance around our body. It enables the physical body to heal itself, so basically, clearing blocks and interferences in what we call our Biofield.

Biofield is the energy field which contains all of the information our system needs to properly communicate with our body.

How can energy flow get disrupted? When we have surgery, when there are parasites, infections in our bodies, the vaccinations that we get, our physical trauma, emotional trauma, toxicity, viral infections, all of these things, all the foods that we eat, all of the preservatives, the additives in our foods and all our negative thought patterns, that actually disrupts that Biofield.

When the Biofield is disrupted around our body that’s when we get issues within our body. The issues come in very many different forms.

Inflammation, disease in our body means our energy is not flowing. When your energy stops, because even with anything that is an issue, whether it’s your kidney or your liver, underlying all of that is your emotions. If anything is disrupted, then you will get issues in your body, you’ll get inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a stress reaction. It’s your body’s way of telling you that your energy is not flowing freely. It’s telling you that something is not working in your life, whether it be physical, mental, it’s telling you that something is not working in your life.

The Emotion Code:

The Emotion Code works on releasing the emotions blocked in your body, in your organs, throughout your life, during the pre-natal period and also on inherited emotions from both your parents and up to several generations of your ancestors. This is done by an Emotion Code Practitioner that works on you using a chart of emotions as reference, getting it touch with your subconscious and asking it about the relevant emotions that can be released at a given time. This can also be done by proxy so the healer can work on you while you are working, traveling, sleeping and so on.

Areas Where The Body Code Works:

So we’ve been looking at energies and emotions, the Emotion Code focuses on the area of emotions, but the energy side does expand even more, it’s a bigger area. With the Body Code we work on all of your circuits and your systems within your body: your respiratory system, your circulatory system, all the systems, all of the toxicity in the body, pathogens, infections and infestations.

Infections and infestations are one of the highest causes of death and disease in the world.

We work on misalignments, also on nutrition and lifestyle. By nutrition and lifestyle, in all of those areas your body knows everything that you need. You could actually learn how to distinguish between “do I take this tablet or do I take that tablet?”

Through a form of muscle testing and by getting connected with your subconscious, we identify energetic inbalances, clear them and rebalance the whole body.

Removing The Heart Wall – How Would You Feel After A Session:

Some people feel the emotions being released. For 20 % of people, those emotions will be heightened for the next day or two, so they may feel angry or they may feel resentful, they feel whatever is released. Some people just feel calmness.

When you come to the end of the release of the heart wall, when you’ve peeled all the onion, probably about 20 to 30 % of people get an A-HA moment.

For other people, the heart wall keeps working, even for the year to come.

You will find that you’ll react differently to things, you’ll be so different in how your thoughts are and your subconscious will just say, “Keep it easy, keep it calm”, so people will experience very different things in the release of the heart wall; some people will have money blockages that will go, some won’t because it may be something else that’s gone somewhere else in their body, but everyone will have a different type of a response, this releasing of the heart wall, but it’s a good response, it’s a really peaceful response.

To arrange a session with Zazeh or sign up for her Heart Wall Packages and Body Code packages please send us an email to: info@amasssing.com and if you want to grow your Confidence and Self-Esteem surrounded by AmaSSSing Ladies that will support you along your journey join us for our AmaSSSing You Ladies Only Retreat in Cancun next month, save the dates: November 22nd to the 28th. It’s going to be Amasssing!