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One of the main things to be aware of during your journey of becoming an amaSSSing leader is that you must have CONFIDENCE in order to pass it onto others and to be able to lead others.

Today we are only going to talk about creating confidence for YOU, the single mom who works and on the next issue we can discuss confidence to lead others which is the next step.

Think about the role of confidence in our lives, when you feel in control of your health, or finances, or business, you are more likely to have the confidence to make good choices. You might be confident in some areas more so than others.

I know for example I am very confident about talking in front of people however I have zero confidence in the kitchen because cooking is not my thing, so having to cook for a large group of people stresses me out, while someone else might feel completely strong and confident doing it but totally in panic if having to do a public speech, makes sense?

As a Leader many times if you have a strong, supportive and powerful team, it helps you build and protect your own confidence because you feel strong knowing that your team has your back, and vice versa you can feel weak, vulnerable and doubt yourself if you don’t have strong people behind you who believe in your wonderful skills.

For us “Single Moms who work”, (either as entrepreneurs, business owners or working for somebody else), relationships are particularly important for our sense of wellbeing; we define ourselves by our relationships with others. We are more vulnerable to social isolation than men are.

CONFIDENCE is having the belief in yourself that you can accomplish things and Self Confidence is a skill that can be learned.

It’s important to think of building confidence as a process; small wins can lead to bigger wins and in time lead to increased self-confidence in different areas of your life.
The two most important components are time and practice!

Self-Confidence is the result of a number of factors like early life experiences, levels of social support and being supported through challenges.

If you avoid certain situations because of lack of confidence, this can be related to a range of emotional responses like anxiety for example and this is something that you might consider addressing.

Confident single working moms seem to have something very appealing about them. Research shows that single working moms with high levels of confidence know what they’re good at; they know the value they provide and act in a way that shows this.
Now – I don’t know about you but I personally believe there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness or arrogance and it’s important to become self-aware to avoid this from happening to you.

Your level of confidence is driven by your beliefs and it shows in many different ways like body language, behavior, the way you speak (tone and volume), how assertive and decisive you are, how much you care about what other people think of you etc…

Confident single working moms won’t hold back, they’ll go for what they believe in, however less confident single working moms will be stopped easily because they’re afraid of criticism and will avoid taking risks and stretching themselves.

It’s very important to embrace opportunities as practice of being more confident because if you avoid them, it can result in feelings of anxiety.

If you cross that fine line of confidence and actually become arrogant, you might take too much risk, over stretch and burn out. Not to mention that if you become insensitive to those around you, will result in conflict and people being unwilling to work with you.

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