Welcome to another week of AmaSSSing content! As you know we have been reviewing the 11 Laws from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey and today we are going to talk about the Law of Non-Resistance.

The Law of Non-Resistance



This is really exciting because you have probably experienced situations where you feel that you really want to manifest something in your life and you feel like you’re working towards it and meditating and visualizing and putting it on your vision board, then somehow you do something to sabotage last minute and you push it back. That is because you are creating RESISTANCE.


Why do you create resistance?

Because, unfortunately as human beings we are wired to push back. Our conditioning in our subconscious is wired to create a resistance and push the good back from us. It doesn’t come to us natural to accept what comes to us, so unfortunately that’s something that we consciously have to create.

What’s the difference between REACTION and RESPONSE for you?

While you go ahead and think about it, I’m going to tell you what it is for me:

We are conditioned to react in our mindset, in our subconscious, and reacting means having an automatic habit. We don’t have to think about it, it’s ingrained in our subconscious and we are just set to react automatically,

Right? You get triggered, something upsets us and bam, we jump onto it straight away and we go, “Oh! I wish I never said that, I wish I never did that or I wish I never reacted that way,” because we don’t think about it, we just let that reaction come up automatically.

Now, the difference is that a response requires us to think. That’s why so many times it’s so much easier just to react and let our instincts go because that’s what’s ingrained in our subconscious. We have been conditioned to react. That’s our paradigm, our natural default.

In order to respond and not react, we need to hold back. Stop the reaction as it’s trying to come out, hold it there and take a moment to think.

When you think then you can respond responsibly instead of just reacting with our emotions, because we’re ladies right? We are very emotional and whatever is ingrained in our subconscious, anything that triggers us from something that happened to us in the past, we’re automatically going to react and come up with a reaction that we might not like and we might not be proud of afterwards.

We are conditioned to react and reacting is creating resistance. Our subconscious is trying to react and resist.

How do you create resistance?

Let’s think about this. For example, let’s say you’re in the traffic on the freeway and what happens? You are resisting the traffic. You’re starting to get grumpy, you’re complaining, “Oh, this traffic, oh my god I hate it, I’m going to be late, It’s so stressful.” You’re resisting. You’re battling. You’re coming up against the traffic. There’s nothing you can do, you can’t change the traffic, but you can change how you react to the traffic that’s on the freeway. How can you take advantage of that and not resist it, to avoid that resistance that you’re putting against the traffic? Well, you can listen to something very inspirational.

I remember when I used to live in Melbourne and I still had a full-time job, a 9 to 5, and once I moved from the branches that I was managing at Flight Center, I moved to head office, and on a non-traffic day that’s an easy 30, 40 minute drive, but on a weekday at the peak hour, it could take me anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours to get there. I knew I was prepared for it. I used to put my earphones I just put in the car and just listen to motivational stuff, personal development stuff; anything that’s to do with the mindset. As you might know by now, it gets my juices going and I get really, really inspired. I used to listen because they were seeds that I was planting in my subconscious to reprogram my mindset, the way I think automatically, the way I react to things, and that’s why I started doing it.

After that, I got sick of driving so I decided to start riding my bike and then catching the train and same thing; I would put my earphones in and I would feel even better because this time I’m putting my physical emotion and exercising at the same time that I’m planting good stuff into my subconscious. How can you avoid that resistance when there’s traffic, right, so you will not get distracted?

There’s a story of this guy that he’s creating and he was flowing every time he was in traffic because he was just blessed in the traffic. He used to say, “I’m stuck in this paradise of traffic.” His creativity would flow. He came up with an idea that a few months later generated him $3 million dollars with that idea that he came up with when he was stuck in traffic. That’s just because he was creating non-resistance by just flowing with it!

We say that we are open to receive the good and abundance that we want, but we are unconsciously blocking the door for it to come, and we sabotage what we’re about to receive.

This is a really good example that I learned from a key note speaker at the Transformation Leadership Council. Imagine your subconscious is like this rapid fan, imagine it’s moving super fast and all the good that is coming your way that you’ve been asking the Universe for; all that abundance and prosperity, all the health and relationships, -all of the sudden the fan starts to spin faster- and that great stuff is too scared, this good that you ordered through the Universe is way too scared to go in because it might get chopped up! so it backs off.

Source: artbystevejohnson

Source by: artbystevejohnson

This is exactly what we do. We are asking the Universe for all this good and abundance and prosperity and when it’s about to come our way, we panic, we freak out. We put resistance, we put that fan super fast and we push it away, we sabotage it, we’re freaking out from receiving that good because we’re feeling non-deserving.

We need to learn to remove that resistance to feel good about it, just as the good that we ordered to the Universe is about to come, that you feel okay with it, that you feel at peace, that you feel deserving from having it, so you can open your doors wide open to receive the good from the Universe so that we’re not blocking that door and sabotaging. We want to make it easy for prosperity and abundance to come your way.

How many times things have started going fantastically in your life and you say to yourself or you say out loud, “It’s too good to be true.”  Words are energy, and it’s that energy that creates a resistance, so we need to remove that resistance. You got to be loose and relaxed.

Stop resistance by being loose and relaxed, just like water

Think of the water that flows regardless. If you are trying to block a leak, what is going to happen? It’s going to keep coming through because the water is loose, the water is relaxed. What happens if the water is coming down from the mountain? It doesn’t get tense as it’s flowing down the cascade or the waterfall. It just flows, it naturally comes down.


What happens when the water is flowing freely in the river and there’s a big rock? Do you think the water stops and starts fighting the rock going, “Hey, get out of my way, I was here first, get out, I need to come through!” The water doesn’t do that, the water doesn’t give any resistance to the rock which has become an obstacle on the path of the water. The water goes around the rock. The water doesn’t give any resistance to the rock. The rock is the obstacle, the water just goes, “Oh yeah, thank you,” and moves around it. This is a great analogy for you in your life.

How many times you get these roadblocks on the way and you give them resistance? You stand up and you start battling the obstacle and you’re sticking in the punches, and all this tension creates resistance. You want to be loose and relaxed and see that obstacle as a stepping-stone towards your highest good.

You want to keep your eye focused on your goal, not on the obstacle. If you’re choosing to focus on the obstacle, you just lost sight of your goal, and here you are, focusing on the obstacle, creating more of those because that’s what you’re focusing on and what you focus on expands. Now you’re battling, just like the water example, that is standing up to the rock, you’re battling, bam, then you create friction, and friction creates resistance.

You’ve got to forget about the obstacle. You’ve got to bless the obstacles so that it can become a stepping-stone towards you highest good. Just like the water, flow around it so then you can keep your eyeball on the goal, on the prize at the end. Don’t get distracted with the obstacle.

You want to focus, have your eye on the goal, not on the obstacle. You want to be loose and relaxed.

You don’t want to cause any friction and you don’t want to be focusing on the obstacle because you’re going to manifest more obstacles, and with the friction you’re going to create resistance. You want to be loose and flow freely like the water around the obstacle, so it’s a stepping-stone towards your highest good.

You cannot change other people. You cannot change the circumstances. The only thing you can change is your approach and your response.

Ladies, that’s a very important one for us, because we tend to react with our emotions very, very quickly. You can’t change other people, don’t even try it. You can’t change the circumstances, but you can change the way you respond, just like the traffic. You can get cranky and put yourself in a negative energy or you can find the way to make the most of that time to seclude yourself into your subconscious.

The only corner of the Universe that you can change is yourself.

That’s it. You can’t change anything else other than yourself. The only thing you can do is work on your mindset; doing good, taking care of your vibration, do good for other people, do good for yourself, take care of your vibration because if you’re allowing yourself to react to the situation, you’re putting a very negative, low vibration of energy, but if you’re taking the time to think about it and respond, then you’re taking care of your vibration being at a higher level. This way the evil and the hate can’t touch you.

When you’re vibrating high, hatred and evil can’t touch you, because you’re calling for the force of the highest good in you and you will attract the highest good in other people. See how it works? It’s all energy. Bless every obstacle in your path to turn it into a stepping-stone leading to your highest good.

Your Challenge for the Week!

Remember, if you’re reacting, you’re creating resistance. You don’t want to react immediately and let your default take over. You want to stop for a second, think about it and respond. Responding means your are thinking about it, you’re not acting by default so you’re removing the resistance. You want to take a few seconds to think about it before you react.

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