A lot has been said and written about taking action in the personal development field . The difference between successful people & non successful people is generally split down between action takers and non action takers – or action fakers as I like to call them.

We all have 24 hours a day and yet some of us are limited in what we achieve whilst others thrive and are seen as money magnets with a midas touch in all they do appearing to the world as instant or overnight ‘success stories’ when the reality is far from it….

So why do some people take action whilst others don’t? More importantly, why do some begin to take action and then give up?
There are many reasons however I would like to point the following:

1) Not having a Goal. Generally speaking, most of us don’t plan, or don’t plan correctly. Their goals aren’t SMART. (specific, measureable,achievable, realistic,timeable) They are bombarded with various ‘shiny objects’ that they lose track of what it is they actually want to accomplish as they are caught up in the hype of it all.

2) Not taking consistent actions & not reaching the destination. Not having the end in mind because they don’t know what that looks like for them as they do not have a goal hence they stop a third or hallway through it or quit all of a sudden. It is easy to start something – let’s face it – most of us have started many a projects, but not many have finished them. So why do we give up? Why do we not complete what we started? The reason is that our goal is not specific and we are not laser focused on it because we have too many shiny objects taking our attention and most of our time on a daily basis.

If I asked you:- What is the secret to losing weight, what might you say??? – Well, simple… & Not rocket science:- Eat less, exercise more.

What is the secret to building wealth? Easy! Spend less than what you earn & have various income streams ?
In life, PEOPLE CHANGE BY INSPIRATION OR DESPERATION – but for them to ‘change’ action needs to occur, otherwise they are stuck in the same spot better known in their comfort zone.

Unless you are growing you are dying: Life is a great gift BUT LIFE WORKS IF YOU WORK and UNLESS YOU WORK, NOTHING WORKS so taking action to realize your dreams is totally dependent on you. Everyone wants outcomes, BUT ANY OUTCOME REQUIRES ACTION. Consistent action until you have reached your goal.

IN MY LIFE, I HAVE TAKEN MANY ACTIONS – SOME HAVE PAID OFF, SOME DIDN’T, SOME I WAS PROUD OFF, SOME I WASN’T, SOME MADE LAUGH AND SOME MADE ME CRY, SOME MADE ME $ & SOME DIDN’T….. BUT I ALWAYS took action towards the goal. I would rather regret the things I did rather than the things I did not on my death bed.

Bottom line is that Action Takers are consistent, Action Fakers start something and then not only do they stop, they give excuses and plenty of them as to WHY something didn’t work – when it is THEY that didn’t work.- SHOULDA – COULDA – WOULDA is what I call Mental Masturbation of Action Fakers. They Take action however because they do not have a goal, they stop or quit and then blame or give excuses as to why it didn’t work. ACTION FAKERS WAIT…. & WAIT…. & WAIT…. THEY ARE WAITING FOR when they have $, TIME, PERSON, THING, MR/MRS RIGHT, MOMENT, DAY –…. Well guess what people “SOMEDAY” IS NOT ON THE CALENDAR. – so if you are going to be an Action Taker – you need to have a clear goal and in order to finish – you need to start!

Have you ever had a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? Did you join the gym, bought new gym gear, new running shoes and then went to the gym for a week or three before you decided to roll over when the alarm went off in the morning?? Most people have. This is why 2% of people are responsible for 98% of the economy.

Everyone knows the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. An action taker has a specific goal, they are focused, laser sharp vision and will do whatever it takes – or take massive action to achieve that goal. An action faker goes with the flow, or with the next ‘shiny object’ they may have wants, or likes but are not focused and the action that they take is only momentarily for a short period before they give up and chase the next ‘big thing’ – maybe an idea, an opportunity, a fad or something that they have heard from their neighbour, friend or relative.

Remember, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE MADE IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD TIMES which means you need to be an action taker at all times to achieve constant growth. Yes, success costs, but the cost association with failure due to not taking action and missing opportunity will cost you even more.

Aly’s Advice:- on Action Taking
1) Write down 3-5 things you wish to do, have, be, experience
2) Pick one that you would like to see in fruition in the next 90 days
3) Write a clear and consistent SMART GOAL around it
4) Every week, in your daily schedule add 3 things you need to do to achieve your goal
5) Let me know of your success stories

Aly Michaels started working in Real Estate at the age of 14. Her commitment to being Sales orientated and results focused for the last 11 years has gotten her to where she is today! Buying and selling property worldwide, Aly now teaches others what she has done in the past 10 years to get her to where she is now – Retirement!

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