“Once in a lifetime, a woman comes along, and has your back! Sandra is that woman. She has created a community of women who know how to support each other, hold each other accountable, and at the same time protect each other’s confidence! What more could you ask for? She has a gift for seeing other peoples strengths and shining a light on them, in so, that woman can then take charge of her own life, and step into her greatness.”

Jacque Opie, Relationship Expert

If it’s motivation and inspiration you are looking for, then you are in the right place. Sandra’s high energy, magnetic and powerful presentation style will have you and your team engaged, inspired, and ready to step into greatness.

Sandra is the founder of, and is a professional speaker who is well practiced in delivering her message in a powerful way, through any format, in any environment, from conference or seminar style, to keynote presentation; breakout, or networking event. She is as comfortable in a room of 2,000 as she is with an intimate, focused group.

Sandra mentors and teaches women who are entrepreneurs, business managers, or new emergent professional women aspiring to become leaders in their field!

She is an outstanding speaker committed to delivering her expertise with inspiration and impact.
Sandra is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to step into their leadership role with confidence and enthusiasm, where they can soar to amaSSSing new heights.

Her energy will keep you and your audience engaged and inspired, while helping everyone feel comfortable so that they are open to learning & healing, while they are having a lot of fun. In fact, her smile alone will light up the room!

Sandra has a skill to help you see things from a different perspective in your own life. You will find yourself motivated, inspired and you will see your life, work, health, spirituality, money and much more very differently.

Change has never been this painless!

Behind the genuine, heart-felt belly laugh, and her beautiful smile, is a true depth to Sandra that inspires her audience to find the meaning in what they do. Anyone in her presence truly feels supported, and cared for, as her healing energy embraces those in her presence. She has an incredibly optimistic outlook on life, while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground.

That’s me and I know that sounds like an exciting and absolutely phenomenal life style and it certainly is, HOWEVER it wasn’t always that way, so let me give you a little bit of my background of where I came from and the stepping stones it took to get here:

Sandra’s Journey so far in her words:

I am originally from Mexico. I have been living in Australia for over 15 years, and yes, I still have my crazy accent!

I am definitely a global citizen, meaning I travel every month of the year to countries all over the world teaching people. As well as running my own business, “”, I am also an Assistant Trainer/Emcee for T.HARV Eker & Success Resources.

I am also the General Manager for Alex Mandossian’s businesses called “Marketing Online”. Alex runs one of the world’s top internet marketing companies.

I do all of this with grace and ease, running my location independent business from anywhere in the world, from my laptop that I keep in my handbag!

As long as I have an internet connection, I can run my business from anywhere. This is one of the reasons I teach leadership, and that is because it can buy my audience the lifestyle they truly want.

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia with my two beautiful little girls, Alannah who is 9 years old and Brianna who is 6. Because of the lifestyle we have, you will often see photos of me and my girls chilling out on the sun lounge around the pool, or enjoying a remote location to cherish the time we have together.

My online brand of Amasssing Leadership is my flagship program to work with women who want to step into their authentic self, and become the leader they are more than capable of being.

From the outside looking in, it seems like my life is perfect, and for the most part it is. I am blessed to have the lifestyle I have, however it wasn’t always that way.

Coming from Mexico, I travelled the world for 3 years by myself, and then settled in Australia, where I met a wonderful man, got married, and had children.

Before moving to the Gold Coast, I was based in Melbourne. In comparison, Gold Coast is heaven! Whilst in Melbourne I was a Business Manager for Flight Centre Limited, across 5 of their branches. At the time the role really suited my lifestyle. I loved what I did, I earned great money, I had the opportunity to travel, and I had a lot of fun.

When my situation changed, and I had my babies, my priorities changed, as they do for many career focused women when they have children. As a leader within Flight Centre, my role was extremely demanding. When anything went wrong, like staff being away ill, or travellers being stranded, it came down to me filling in all the gaps. And that was just the start. The culture of the organisation meant that I was often out late at night, partying with awards nights and celebrations, and once my kids came along, this was no longer the lifestyle I wanted.

After I went on maternity leave, I felt like there was something missing in my life; like I was searching for something to fulfil me, but I just didn’t know what it was.

Then one day a client invited me to the National Achievers Congress where I saw T.HARV Eker speak for the very first time. He invited us to his “Millionaire Mind intensive” training program, and I decided to go along.

Wow, was I in for a treat! I just loved everything that I learned there and I decided to enrol for what they call “Quantum Leap”, which is a membership of twelve to eighteen months, doing all the seminars, courses and events that they have to offer.

That got me heavily involved into personal development and really focusing on my own inner growth and becoming self-aware.

You’ve probably heard that awareness is the first step to change so you can’t change anything if you don’t know what needs to change in your own life.

As I started my Quantum Leap courses I felt a bit lost. I had no idea what my life purpose was, or what I wanted to do. I was jumping from one thing to another, chasing that shiny penny. I tried everything from share trading, to real estate, realising that it was not my passion. Until I finally realised when I was doing “Train the Trainer” that I wanted to be a Trainer. And then it all became so obvious. I found my life purpose!

Then I remembered that I had actually started teaching as a young girl. I used to put all my teddy bears on the couch as a little girl, and I would read out loud to them, as if I was teaching them! I had come full circle to recapture my passion for teaching.

And then in high school we had to read a book every month. I would get up at 3am to read my book, then I would go to school and at the break my friends would ask me if I could tell them about the book. I used to love telling them the story as if I was teaching them. Then they would pass their exams without having to read the book, and I had learnt more, because I had taught them.

And this has really been the theme of my life – teaching others.

Once I discovered what I wanted to do, that is when the little voice in my head started working on me! You know that voice – the one that says you can’t?

It wasn’t until I went to a program called “Enlightened Warrior” camp in Malaysia and for the first time I had the courage to get up on the stage and make a public declaration that I wanted to be a trainer for T.HARV Eker.

And it’s amazing, the minute I did, it’s like the Universe heard, and it started pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together and it all started happening. People started coming to me saying, “Actually you will be amazing, you are so good at inspiring people and every time I am around you, your energy just uplifts me.”
So the more people told me the more I believed I could do it.

I went back home, put it up on my vision board. I’m a big fan of vision boards.

And every morning I would wake up at 5am, sit in my bed and visualise for a few minutes until I could get that feeling of ‘this is real, I can do it’ and I did it every day for nearly three months until I had to go to Harv’s event called “Making the Stage” which is where they get to choose the people that they want on their stage.

I was so nervous but it just happened the way I visualized it. I just believed in it and I was committed to doing whatever it took to make it happen. For one split second when I got in the plane to fly to Thailand for the event, I got that feeling, that reassurance of ‘this is it, I have it, it’s meant to be, it couldn’t be any other way’ for one second and then I let go and I just got that certainty.

Sometimes I get asked how did you manage to make the transition from having a 9 – 5 job and two children to look after, which is a massive job to now doing all the exciting stuff you do.

And the truth is, it wasn’t all smooth sailing and one thing I like people to understand is that growing comes with pain along the way.

It’s not easy because if you’re not willing to go through the pain then you are never going to break through and get to another level of enlightenment.

I was still in my job at Flight Centre and the year I did the courses as a student, I had to use all my personal leave for the seminars which meant no family holidays; the next year I started as an assistant trainer & I still had my job. So that was really challenging; One day I got a call saying they needed an assistant trainer in Asia. It was four seminars back to back every weekend and they gave me about five to seven days notice. And I couldn’t stay away for a whole month because I’ve never left my girls for that long. So I had to be flying back and forth every week. I would fly on the Wednesday night; get there on Thursday morning for the event. Then on Sunday night as soon as the event finished I would fly home at night, get home Monday morning to leave again in two days.

Yes, it was a challenge. I was using all my annual leave and not only that, I would get off the plane, having not slept all night and drive straight to work, come home in the evening, see my babies, spend as much time as I could with them and two days later do the same thing over again.

It was mad. I was determined. I knew what I wanted and I knew it was going to take some sacrifice and I can tell you that I pretty much had my full time job plus doing the seminars for nearly a whole year.

My husband at the time had lost his job; I was responsible for the income of our family, while spending time with my girls.

Eventually I was earning just enough outside my job to be able to take a leap of faith & finally leave my 9 – 5 job!

I had been at that job for nearly ten years, so for me it was a huge success.

I have to say, the thing that meant the most to me, was to be able to drive my girls to school and pick them up. For me that is a luxury and they love the fact that Mommy can always be there for their special events and competitions.

I used to dream of doing that when I had a full time job and I couldn’t, I had to leave really early in the morning when it was dark and raining to drop them off to childcare, while all of us were in tears, and then picking them up when it was dark again. It used to break my heart.

You know, one day I came across this saying on Facebook that I loved and I think about it all the time.

‘Today I am going to do what others are not willing to do so that tomorrow I can have what others can’t.’

For me that was so powerful. Not only was I making the sacrifices, but I was also being judged by those “friends, who were stay home mums & didn’t have a career or didn’t want to work”. But I knew, I had my big why and I knew it was to eventually be in a better place to give my kids a better life.

Now, because of what I have created for myself I have the time and money freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I believe the big lesson here is ‘find the why and the how will take care of itself.’ And I think provided you have a strong enough why it’s absolutely incredible what you can manifest into your life and if you have a clear vision and you state what it is that you want and why you want it, the universe energetically conspires to pull all of the pieces of the puzzle into place and make it happen, and I certainly feel like I am a living proof of it.

Freedom had always been a big driver for me. I like to be able to make my choices and be able to do what I want, where I want with whomever I want. I’m very passionate about empowering other women. It’s reassuring having discovered that I have that natural ability of being able to motivate and inspire people.

Hence the reason I decided to launch Amasssing Leadership to empower women to live their lives to the fullest, to take their businesses to another level, to make a difference in the world, to live into their life purpose with passion, to manifest their dreams and to be true leaders in what they do.

When you don’t have a strong why, whenever it gets difficult it’s very easy to quit. So you need to be very clear on your why and your goal. What’s your vision, where do you want to be, because that way when it gets tough, just like me crying on the plane and just wanting to be home, you’ll know why you are doing it and that’s what keeps you going when you are ready to quit.

One of the biggest challenges I had to face was my divorce. I always believed that marriage was for life. We were married for twelve years and I would say that ten out of the twelve were fantastic and we had an amazing relationship.

When I started doing personal development, people used to say to me, “You need to do it together, he needs to come along, or otherwise you will grow apart.” It was true. The more I did personal development, the less we had in common. We were vibrating at a different frequency.

When I was going through my journey of personal development one of the first things that I noticed is that I had to change my friends, because as you have probably heard, environment is stronger than willpower. You might be determined to do something but if your environment is not supporting you… you are going to fail. You need to design your environment to support what you are doing and for me one of my environments was my friends because the ones I had at the time weren’t into self-awareness & entrepreneurship, they weren’t interested in personal growth to improve their lives and their finances.

And part of the journey is to become un-attached. If they are not meant to be in your life they are not meant to be. When people vibrate at different frequencies they just naturally go out of your life.

I love supporting women and showing them how to love themselves in their journey of growth, self-development and entrepreneurship.

Learn to become and amaSSSing Leader yourself and live an amaSSSing life by becoming part of our community!

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