6 Ways to make 2016 the best year ever!
I came across this wonderful article from the awesome Amanda Gore which totally spoke to me as I am sure will do to you too!!!
1. Reframe 2015 with gratitude
Look back on everything that happened in 2015 and consciously choose to find something good in every thing that happened.
Some will be easy. Look back at the challenges and explore

what happened from the ‘benefit of hindsight’ – and work out what was the lesson in it for you. If you are thinking – ‘there was no lesson – it was nothing to do with me – it was all rubbish’ or anything along those lines – you may want to reflect on it a little more!

There are ALWAYS lessons for us in everything that happens to us and around us. Be grateful for all of them – good or challenging. Gratitude is the master reframer  and will help you reprogram your cellular memory! 

2. Create what you want for 2016
If you want to have a positive and wonderful year – see it beforehand! Imagine it. Create a story that supports it. You may not be able to design specific events but you can vividly imagine the sorts of things you would like to have happen! We often make lists at new year with resolutions and things were are going to do differently and they are mostly forgotten by February! 
Instead, why not imagine you are a movie maker and you are writing an outline for a movie? You have the theme, you know the gist of the movie, you know how you want it to end up – but you leave the details to be filled in at a later time. 
Giving your unconscious mind some direction like this allows it to keep running in the background, engineering things to make that movie reality!
3. Make symbols or a vision board 

Go and make or buy some symbols of what you want to have happen in 2016.
If it’s a fabulous holiday – buy or make something that symbolises the destination.
If it’s a change in your relationship, buy a heart shaped something and put it where you look at it every day; if it’s a dream you have to start your own business, create a vision board with images of all the aspects you can think of that make your success something you can see. 
Put your symbols and vision board in placesyou see it every day – several times to impress on your subconscious the direction you want!
4. Be present
One of my best friends who is an astonishing person says that her life purpose is to be fully present in every moment!  It’s so easy to say! She is very psychic and another friend of ours asked her if she wanted to look into her future and see what was ahead. The answer was ‘no!. Because every moment is to be lived in and enjoyed as it presents!’ 
Living for the future – or living in the past – are both habits and patterns that keep us trapped! Being present, open to what is happening right here, right now, is the secret to enjoying every moment – even if it is an uncomfortable moment!
5. YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your world
This is a tricky one to actually get our heads around! 
Your thinking creates your reality. Let me say that again – your thinking creates your reality
The ‘lenses’ through which you see the world and everything that happens to you determine literally what you will ‘see’. It’s not the ‘truth’ or actual reality or the whole picture, but it will be your reality. How is it that 4 people who all see the same accident or event will have 4 different versions of it – and ALL of them will totally believe they are telling the truth and describing what actually happened?
Perceptions – that’s how! We don’t see, we perceive and judge. The stories you tell yourself will eventually show up in your life. 
6. What environment do you want to create for yourself?
Bruce Lipton in his excellent book ‘The Biology of Belief’ says we are all ‘skin covered petrie dishes’ and that the environment we create inside our bodies – the culture in which our cells bathe every day, all day, is determined by our minds. Our mindsets – our beliefs, our repeated thoughts. 
Is your petrie dish full of love and joy – or is it full of fear, anger, resentment and habits and patterns of thinking that have us looking for the worst in everything? Do you tell yourself – ‘I attract idiots’; ‘I am not good enough’; ‘I am not worth loving’; ‘I always …..’; ‘good things never happen to me’; ‘just my luck..’. Are these the things you want to program into every cell in your body? 
STOP…OBSERVE your thinking and thoughts ….CHOOSE wisely and replace them with either neutral or positive phrases. CHANGE your environment. 
Paint a picture of what an environment that would nurture you would look like. What would make it safe? Joyful? Happy? Fulfilling? Satisfying? Rewarding? Exciting?  This may take time but it’s a worthwhile exercise!
Awareness and consciousness changes everything – it gives you choices. When you become aware of the patterns that are ruling your thinking –  work on yourself to identify and remove the old habits; find someone to help you; contact me and I can give you some details of our upcoming amasssing ladies retreat and how it can help YOU!. 
We usually need the help – it’s very hard for most of us to be so aware of our deeply unconscious, ingrained patterns and habits that we can see, let alone change them!
If you want a calm, joy filled, loving environment – WHO is going to create that for you?
WHO is going to be able to change the way you look at the world? 
WHO is the one that will trigger you to seek insights into yourself? 
WHO will change your world so it allows you to live an amasssing life?
I hope 2016 will be the BEST year ever for you!! Mind you – if you choose to BELIEVE it is in every moment – it will be!

Until then, continue to be AMASSSING



~ Sandra Bravo