Predominantly, there are 4 Negative Emotions that compromise  success and personal empowerment on a daily basis. The truth is that  these emotions will never go away. They will always be there however how you choose to deal with them will impact you, the quality of your life and your relationship with others. These 4 basic emotions are Fear, Worry, Anger, and Guilt.

Fear is probably the most debilitating emotion we possess. It seems to have a life of its own. Think back on all the opportunities you missed because of fear. There are many for all of us.

Learn to accept these emotions for what they are, but choose to have them controlled as opposed to them controlling you. Conquering small fears will build momentum over time. That is, once you become successful with managing one fear, other fears will become easier to manage. Some will even disappear. As you overcome your lower prioritized fears, your confidence builds, which helps you conquer larger fears.

Worry is the second cousin to fear and is a type of fear: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Worry is one of those emotions that we understand intellectually, but its emotional grasp on us is strong indeed. How much time do we spend worrying about things that never happen? When faced with a situation that makes you worry, ask yourself: “What’s the worst possible outcome of this situation?” In reality, a lot of the things we worry about never actually happen…

ANGER is one of the primary emotions generated from the “Fight or Flight” response. Anger is the emotional energy to fight, while fear is the emotional energy to flee. Words frequently associated with anger include hostility, resentment, rage, depression, and hurt.
Have you noticed that the emotions we have discussed so far seem to be interrelated? You fear something, so you worry, and then you’re angry. The problem with all of these emotions, in addition to the obvious, is that they all tend to weaken logical and empowering decisions. Most people are angry because they’re worried and afraid. Have you ever been really angry with someone? Think about your mental state. Anger is destructive; it is mentally and physically harmful. A lot of energy is expended when you’re angry. Anger is exhausting! When you become angry with yourself, when you fail to meet your own expectations that you set (or that you believe from someone else), you get angry with yourself. This is very destructive on your self esteem and self confidence and blocks your greatness, and your authentic self.

Expecting the world to work exactly as you wish is a formula for misery. The world doesn’t care about your rules, values, or judgements. It is what it is. Again, anger is one of those topics you can intellectually understand, but that may not help you when you’re in the emotional throws of rage.

GUILT is the last of the 4 emotions, and it is probably the most deep-rooted. Guilt occurs when we are challenged by the word “should.” Regardless of whether the word is used in a question, it still implies that we should act a certain way. It’s frequently used as a manipulator by those closest to us.
Guilt motivates us by making us feel indebted or unworthy, and that’s bad. You have to learn to control guilt or it will control you. Again it violates our self confidence, self esteem and self worth.

These 4 negative emotions will block your greatness as long and for as long as you will allow it. The only way to step in your greatness is to be aware that they exist and control them. When you are in control of your own emotions you have power. You are true to your authentic self and you have the power. When this happens, Then you will be able to defuse your emotions and rationally deal with the situation in the present moment. Now that’s empowerment!

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Here’s to your success,

Aly Michaels
Multi Millionaire turned Money Mindset Coach & Mentor