Discover How To Remove Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code

Discover How To Remove Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code

Welcome! Last Monday on our AmaSSSing Monday call we skipped the 11 laws from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey that we’ve been reviewing every week because we had a very special guest from Sydney, Zazeh Morfitis. She is an Emotion Code Practioner and releases blocked emotions in the body. We had a very special session where we talked about the wall we build around our heart with emotions. So get ready, you’re going to learn a lot, because this topic, trust me, is so beneficial for all of us.

Before I talk about what the Heart Wall is, let me tell you a little bit about how I got in touch with the Emotion Code and the release of my Heart Wall. I met Zazeh through a referral and I was looking for help with myself and my kids, because as you know, I am a single mom and after I got divorced from my former husband, he decided to move recently to the UK, and because all my family’s in Mexico and I’m here alone with the girls in Australia. I just felt that I didn’t want the girls to hold any resentment towards their daddy or have any issues of abandonment, so I went to ask for help and it was the best thing I could’ve done!

Removing Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code


What is the Heart Wall?

During our lifetime, we experience good emotions and negative emotions, but through some traumas and smaller things in our lives that effect us, we start to put up emotions around our heart as a protection mechanism. It’s like an onion, we keep putting the emotions around our heart for protection, but eventually it starts to stifle you.

Some heart walls can also start before we are born, they can start while we are prenatal, primarily in the second and the third trimester. You can also inherit emotions that can go anywhere into your body, but they can also form around your heart. We form what’s called a Heart Wall,

93 % of people have heart walls and we need to release them because they can cause lack of confidence, not moving forward, emotional trauma, etc.

Everyone is different, each person reacts differently to different things, so no two people are going to be the same.

Basically a HEART WALL is little layers of emotions that we need to peel away.

Sometimes we carry emotions from our past lives or from our parents that get transmitted to us at birth, and then, of course, all the traumatic things that happen throughout our childhood and we start protecting ourselves by forming that wall as such around our heart, which creates blocks,

Emotion blocks can prevent us from being able to open up completely in a relationship or feel those emotions deeply.

Some people, because we’re all different, will be affected health-wise and some people emotionally affected, we’re all slightly different. Sometimes it’s financially affected, even though that’s a different story again.

The same thing could happen to two different people but take it, assimilate it and react to it in different ways so it could show up emotionally or physically.

What are the Emotion Code & the Body Code

Energy is everything that is made up of light, but it’s like air and it’s like the air that we breathe. We can’t see it, even though our thoughts and our emotions are just energy, we just don’t know that they’re there sometimes. We think that when you want to understand energy, even the desk that you touch is energy, everything’s energy. The difference is it’s at a different vibration. There are different frequencies and it gives us an illusion of what we see and what we feel and what we think.

Energy healing is a broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow around our body and it restores a balance around our body. It enables the physical body to heal itself, so basically, clearing blocks and interferences in what we call our Biofield.

Biofield is the energy field which contains all of the information our system needs to properly communicate with our body.

How can energy flow get disrupted? When we have surgery, when there are parasites, infections in our bodies, the vaccinations that we get, our physical trauma, emotional trauma, toxicity, viral infections, all of these things, all the foods that we eat, all of the preservatives, the additives in our foods and all our negative thought patterns, that actually disrupts that Biofield.

When the Biofield is disrupted around our body that’s when we get issues within our body. The issues come in very many different forms.

Inflammation, disease in our body means our energy is not flowing. When your energy stops, because even with anything that is an issue, whether it’s your kidney or your liver, underlying all of that is your emotions. If anything is disrupted, then you will get issues in your body, you’ll get inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a stress reaction. It’s your body’s way of telling you that your energy is not flowing freely. It’s telling you that something is not working in your life, whether it be physical, mental, it’s telling you that something is not working in your life.

The Emotion Code:

The Emotion Code works on releasing the emotions blocked in your body, in your organs, throughout your life, during the pre-natal period and also on inherited emotions from both your parents and up to several generations of your ancestors. This is done by an Emotion Code Practitioner that works on you using a chart of emotions as reference, getting it touch with your subconscious and asking it about the relevant emotions that can be released at a given time. This can also be done by proxy so the healer can work on you while you are working, traveling, sleeping and so on.

Areas Where The Body Code Works:

So we’ve been looking at energies and emotions, the Emotion Code focuses on the area of emotions, but the energy side does expand even more, it’s a bigger area. With the Body Code we work on all of your circuits and your systems within your body: your respiratory system, your circulatory system, all the systems, all of the toxicity in the body, pathogens, infections and infestations.

Infections and infestations are one of the highest causes of death and disease in the world.

We work on misalignments, also on nutrition and lifestyle. By nutrition and lifestyle, in all of those areas your body knows everything that you need. You could actually learn how to distinguish between “do I take this tablet or do I take that tablet?”

Through a form of muscle testing and by getting connected with your subconscious, we identify energetic inbalances, clear them and rebalance the whole body.

Removing The Heart Wall – How Would You Feel After A Session:

Some people feel the emotions being released. For 20 % of people, those emotions will be heightened for the next day or two, so they may feel angry or they may feel resentful, they feel whatever is released. Some people just feel calmness.

When you come to the end of the release of the heart wall, when you’ve peeled all the onion, probably about 20 to 30 % of people get an A-HA moment.

For other people, the heart wall keeps working, even for the year to come.

You will find that you’ll react differently to things, you’ll be so different in how your thoughts are and your subconscious will just say, “Keep it easy, keep it calm”, so people will experience very different things in the release of the heart wall; some people will have money blockages that will go, some won’t because it may be something else that’s gone somewhere else in their body, but everyone will have a different type of a response, this releasing of the heart wall, but it’s a good response, it’s a really peaceful response.

To arrange a session with Zazeh or sign up for her Heart Wall Packages and Body Code packages please send us an email to: and if you want to grow your Confidence and Self-Esteem surrounded by AmaSSSing Ladies that will support you along your journey join us for our AmaSSSing You Ladies Only Retreat in Cancun next month, save the dates: November 22nd to the 28th. It’s going to be Amasssing!

Find Out How Much You’re WORTH

Find Out How Much You’re WORTH


Welcome! Thank you for being here. I hope you’re excited because I am!  My intention is to inspire you, to get your vibration of energy to rise and for you to be focused on your goals and the things that you want to accomplish. We have the power to create our lives by design and that’s what we’re doing here so that you can have a very successful week. It’s all about your mindset and manifesting your dreams!

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Law Of Compensation


What does the word “compensation” mean to you?
For me compensation means getting rewarded for what I did or what I said or the value that I added.

During our live Amasssing Monday call we had other amasssing ladies describing compensation as: “It means a reward for my efforts.” That’s exactly what I understand for compensation. Looks like we are on the same page. Also another lady mentioned “Getting what you are owed.” Absolutely. That means putting an effort or providing a service or product in order for you to get compensated and get paid what you’re worth or what you’re owed.

There Are Three Key Elements For Compensation: 

1. Self Worth

It comes down to worthiness. What you believe you’re worthy is what you’re going to compensate yourself with, what others are going to compensate you with. Which, I’m going to call it in this case, your Self Image.

How do you feel you’re getting compensated?
Whether it’s your job, your career, your life purpose or whatever it is that you do every day, how do you feel you’re getting compensated? – Please take a second to close your eyes, check within yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

How do you get compensated?
Do you believe that you’re getting compensated fairly?
Do you think it’s fair what you get for compensation in extent of what you do?
Do you think you’re getting compensated poorly? Or do you think you’re getting compensated abundantly?

Whatever the answer is for you … then that is your self image. That’s what you see yourself that you’re worth. This is really important because it starts with how you see yourself on the inside.

Imagine that for a second you’re outside of the jar, and you’re looking into yourself. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself like you do a fantastic job? Do you see yourself like, “Uh, I don’t really have anything to teach. I don’t really have anything to add value with.” Then, guess what? That’s probably why you’re getting compensated poorly. The self image, that image you hold of yourself is very low and that has to do with your self worth.

If you’re adding really good value, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get compensated abundantly.

I believe I get compensated abundantly and that’s because, first of all, I believe in the quality of what I do, which is adding value.

2. Adding Value:

The more value you add, the better you get compensated.

If you’re adding little value, you’re getting compensated very little. If you add a lot of value – and please do not confuse this with thinking that with the more hours I work, the more I’m going to get paid. That’s just exchanging time and effort for money. I want you to contemplate in your brain for a second the possibility of, “How could I work less and get compensated more?” <= that’s called LEVERAGE

Add more value every day by doing it with high quality standards

Adding more value doesn’t mean working more hours. Getting more exhausted and sleeping less and all that. No. It just means adding more value but every day, doing it with quality, going the extra mile, with a smile.

If you’re going to do something, even if you don’t want to do it but you already committed to it, you might as well do it with quality. You might as well do it with the smile and with pleasure. Otherwise, what’s the point?

3. Mastery:

The more you do it, the better quality it will be & the closer you are getting to mastery. You need to be a master at what you do. You don’t need to juggle a million balls trying to be good at everything. No, You just need to be a master in one thing.

I don’t go around teaching mindset and self esteem and confidence to cats and dogs and guys and girls, I just do it for ladies because that’s what I’m good at. That’s what I’m a work in progress of mastering. You just want to have a very small niche or area of expertise and become a master of it.

You want to keep doing it over and over again and always be thinking how can I be better at it? How can I improve? How can I add more value?

Ask yourself that question, “How can I add more value today?” This week. Ask the Universe out loud, “Universe, How can I add more value to humanity today?”

The more value you add, the better you’re going to be compensated for it. Your level of compensation is going to get bigger and better. Do it over and over and do it better every time until you master that area of expertise.

Your Challenge for this week!

If you hold a poor Self Image of yourself like “I’m not good enough, why would anyone want to listen to me? What do I have to teach? I don’t like the way I look. I hate my voice, why would I do this, why would I do that…” All that is a poor self image and low self esteem and low self worth and guess what? you’re probably getting rewarded really poorly. You can make a decision to change that TODAY.

It’s time to have a better self image. It’s time to believe that you have a lot of value to add to humanity because you came here with a gift to share with the world. YOU are good enough and there are always people below you that can learn from you. If you’re serving someone today, you’re going to make an impact in their day if you do it with a smile, with a good attitude VS a long face. Why not commit to that today?

Let’s make that your call to action for today. Anyone you talk to or serve today, commit to doing it with a smile. With excellence, with good attitude so that you get compensated better for it. It’s really exciting when you think about it because it all starts with your self image.

That image you hold of yourself needs to improve. When it improves, you’re going to start adding more value which is going to make you better at what you do to get to mastery.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to add value today! I hope you’re feeling inspired to do an assessment in what your self image is and why you’re getting compensated low or fair or abundantly and there’s always another level you can go up to. I hope you’re feeling very inspired to become better at what you do so that you can get to mastery. Join us for our next AmaSSSing Monday and let us know all the magic you’re creating!

Please remember to have a fantastic week, go all out for the things you need to do to increase your level of compensation and if you want to rise higher & faster come and join us next month at our exclusive AmaSSSing You Ladies Retreat in Cancún!

Do you know how to Increase ABUNDANCE in your life?

Do you know how to Increase ABUNDANCE in your life?

Welcome! I am here to share inspiration to get you pumped and focused on your intentions and goals for the week, so that you don’t let life happen to you. YOU design it!

Over the last few weeks on our AmaSSSing Mondays we have been reviewing the 11 laws from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. I love listening to them. I get really inspired. I wake up and listen to them for about 20 minutes, and I get really excited to start my day.

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Law Of Increase.



Who doesn’t like to increase ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life? Perhaps more health, better relationships, more finances, more fulfilment, more contribution, better job or career, or a more successful business. Whatever it is, we all like to increase and it can be done by applying the Law Of Increase.

You can also call it the Law of Praise. Why? Because when you praise someone or something you’re automatically putting energy of increase, because you’re rising its frequency, the energy vibration of that thing. You can raise the energy frequency of anything & anyone just by praising them.

When you praise a plant, or money, or a person’s self-esteem, you are helping them to increase. To be better. To attract more off, because you’re raising that frequency of energy on them.

How Does it Work?

Praise has to be honest. Has to come from the heart, not just from the head and the lips.

If you can’t go as deep as letting the praise come from the heart because you’re not used to it, perhaps because you grew up surrounded with criticism and in the habit of spotting what’s wrong and the flaws and the faults in other people and things, then that’s okay. Take it easy and be gentle with yourself. Just start by practicing. It’s okay if at the beginning you have to praise just from your lips and with your head. Eventually the more you do it, the more you’re going to mean it, the more it’s going to come from the heart.

When it comes to people at your business or job, it’s praising for the things that they do right. Instead of trying to spot the things that they do wrong, you want to catch them doing something right! That’s something I used to do with my staff at Flight Center. I was in Flight Center managing a few of the different businesses for about 10 years and this is something I learned earlier on that was really beneficial for me. I learned to be able to catch my staff doing something right so that I could praise them and by doing so, I helped them grow.

Praise and recognition expands, it goes into your cellular system for it to vibrate at a high frequency and expand. Criticism and finding flaws and defects turns into “contracting”. It does the opposite. You want to get into the habit of praising!

When you praise someone, you’re allowing them to grow and be better at what they do and increase the level of self esteem versus trying to spot them doing something wrong.

Here is a really good story about Bob Proctor doing a test with waiters and waitresses at a restaurant. He asked them to praise each person at the tables they served and they did it. They just started blessing and praising in silence, through their hearts and inside their heads. Guess what happened? In 30 days, they were reporting to Bob Proctor that they had doubled and tripled the amount of tips that they made for the week. I love it!

Now, let me tell you that the cells inside your body respond to praise by expanding, by becoming healthier, by multiplying. Praise is fantastic for your health as well. When you’re praising someone, even if you’re just in silence, it’s a thought transmission. You’re transmitting this thought to the people that you’re praising and you’re transmitting a higher frequency of energy to the people that you praise & bless.

Another thing very powerful is that praise changes our focus because it’s training you to look for accomplishment. To look for good and beauty in your life. Instead of being used to focusing on the flaws and the mistakes or the things that don’t work. Maybe that’s your default. Maybe you’re automatically wired to focus on what is wrong. By praising, you’re training yourself to focus on what is right. You’re training yourself to focus on always looking for the accomplishments and the beauty that surrounds you. The abundance that surrounds you. Practice it until it becomes habitual. Fake it until you make it.

Your Challenge for this week!

I want you to start praising, praising, praising. Anything and everyone around you. Do it sincerely. Don’t just say it if you don’t mean it. Don’t say it if you’re thinking the opposite. Look, your default may be criticism and spotting the flaws and the things that are wrong, but it’s not all your fault. That’s probably how you grew up. That’s what got ingrained into you as you were growing up.

This is the time to change your habits. This is the time to reprogram your subconscious, your cellular system, so that you can start training yourself for praise and recognition. Children that grow up with criticism, they’re insecure, they’re fearful. Children that grow up with praise, they are confident, they have a higher self esteem because praise is the quickest route to prosperity. You want to get into the habit of praising.

You practice it until you believe it and you start to do it naturally and then it’s ingrained into your cellular system so that your default from your subconscious is to always praise. Praise other things, praise the actions, praise other people. Praise people’s gifts. Now, even if you’re just saying it from the head and not from the heart just yet, that’s fine. Just keep practicing. Keep practicing until you start generating the feeling of the praise inside of your body. In your heart. Speak it out loud with a heart full of energy. This is why I want you to do this week. If you have any experiences of when you praised someone and what happened to you in return, I want you to share it on the comments section below.

I want you to come back here and share with us the magic that showed up in your life from practicing this beautiful law of praising. Praising is increasing. This is the law of increase. The more you praise, the more you’re going to increase, the more you’re going to have abundance in all areas of your life which is super exciting. I can’t wait to hear about it!

Until the next one, stay well and play full out!
Sandra Bravo
PS: if you are a woman that dares to succeed in all areas of your life join us this November for our AmaSSSing Ladies Retreat in Cancún!


Gossip is the devil’s messenger

Gossip is the devil’s messenger

Hey! I’ve recently come across this article by Harvey Mackay, he talks about how much gossip can harm your business and your life! Want to know why? Keep reading 🙂

Can You Keep a Secret?

 “We live in an imperfect world where gossip is often the only form of conversation that some people can seem to conduct…[ ]

And the truth gets lost in the whirlwind.

The gossip business may be red hot, but office gossip is mostly bad for businesses.  The workplace should be a no-gossip zone.  But when it is not, consequences include lost productivity and wasted time, erosion of trust and morale, damaged reputations, dissension among employees and even the loss of good employees who leave companies due to unhealthy work environments”.

Have you ever experienced anything similar in your business or your job?

Gossip and rumors have been part of the workplace culture since ancient Egypt.  Although a certain amount of personal chitchat goes on in any workplace, gossiping employees can erode trust among co-workers and infect a team with hostility.”

Let’s review what proactive steps we can take to avoid it:

  1. Make sure your general company communications are efficient and as complete as possible.  Employees will believe rumors if they don’t have access to facts.  Even in tough times, give your people as much information as you can so they can rely on solid data, not half-truths.  If you can’t share news, explain why, so you don’t appear to be hiding anything.
  2. Always confront rumors directly.  If you catch wind of an untrue rumor, address it promptly.  Go to the source and set him or her straight, explaining the damage that false information can cause.  Clear up any confusion with your entire workforce right away.  They may think twice about spreading or believing rumors if they know you’re ready to step in.
  3. Set the right example.  Don’t listen to gossip that comes your way.  Either correct any misinformation immediately, or explain that you’re not interested in rumors.  Don’t pass along any unsubstantiated stories yourself.  Let the gossip stop with you.  If people persist in spreading rumors, suggest that they need more work to do. [ ]

Mackay’s Moral:  People who gossip are usually caught in their own mouth traps”.

If you are a woman that’s willing to succeed and wants to avoid these traps, join us for our 100 day challenge where you will create healthy habits and gain the strength and courage to create your life by design!

Please share it so that we can put that big beautiful karma out there in the world, and make a big difference. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Make sure to register below.

Until the next one,

Sandra Bravo

Stay well and play full out!


Photo reference: by jinterwas Can you keep a secret?