Making Love Is Not Just a Feel Good Thing.

Making Love Is Not Just a Feel Good Thing.

Who is Jacque?

Jacque has a calling to guide people to enjoying happier, healthier and sexier intimate lives together.

She believes that to create pure bliss in an intimate relationships we have to first know ourselves, and what we truly desire. Once we know ourselves, we can then begin to explore the wants and needs of our partner.

Only then can we look at what we create together – the union – and how we can satisfy the physical and emotional longings we each have.


Jacque guides this process in a playful, cheeky yet respectful way, and helps you see things from each other’s perspectives. She is able to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking, and helps you move from feeling out of control in your relationship, to feeling empowered, and excited about your future with your partner.

Making Love Is Not Just a Feel Good Thing.

Scientists now have LISTS as long as my arm on good reasons to make love.

If you need a few good ones, to get you and your beautiful lover in the mood, see the list below. Besides just the medical benefits, there are also the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits.

Here are just a few of them.

  1. It improves your immune system
  2. Making love lowers your blood-pressure
  3. You burn calories
  4. It reduces the risk of heart disease in men
  5. Orgasms can reduce the presence of pain
  6. You sleep much better
  7. It can help dramatically with depression
  8. It boosts your energy
  9. You have heightened senses when you make love
  10. It can reduce the chance of prostate cancer
  11. It reminds you that you are alive!
  12. It gets you in touch with your body
  13. You re-affirm your love for each other
  14. Making love relieves stress.
  15. It’s FUN!
  16. It’s a good excuse to put off household chores
  17. Making love boosts your libido
  18. It improves women’s bladder control

I am sure there are loads more, but if this is not enough proof for you, then what are you hiding from?

Come on, it's time to do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight!

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